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The PBRF and Publications/Outputs Office provides advice and support for University of Otago staff, both academic and support staff, regarding the Quality Evaluation process for PBRF. Our role is to coordinate the six-yearly Quality Evaluation exercise and provide a centralised service for managing all aspects of the PBRF process for the University of Otago.

We provide assistance with the preparation of your Evidence Portfolios, advise and keep you up to date on the Tertiary Education Commission Quality Evaluation Guidelines, the timeframe for preparation and submission of Evidence Portfolios. We are also the key contacts for helping you with all aspects of the dedicated PBRF and Publications MyResearch software, where you can manage your research output data and create your Evidence Portfolio for PBRF.

If you have any queries about PBRF, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or in person. You can find our office in Scott/Shand House (1st floor).

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