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As a new academic staff member, you might need to request the creation of your own staff webpage as part of your departmental website.

Email to request a new webpage.

If you're an existing staff member, you can also email to request changes to your profile page.

Publications display

Publications are entered centrally through the PBRF/Publications Office and will automatically feed into your MyResearch and your own staff webpage.

Publication not displaying? - please check in MyResearch that the Quality Assurance status has been specified as either 'Yes' or 'No'. If QA is 'Not Specified' follow the prompts to specify either Yes or No to release the record for webpage display.

Confidential publication? - These can still be recorded and designated as Confidential, this restricts the record to MyResearch only, and stops the citation from displaying on your staff webpage.

From your publications master list in MyResearch, you can choose if you want your publications displayed automatically on your staff webpage (chronologically, starting from your latest ones), or you can manually select the publications you want displayed.

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