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7th Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

23 November 2022

Keynote speakers:

Dr Ross Brownson, Lipstein Distinguished Professor of Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis, United States

Professor Brownson studies the translation of evidence to public health practice and policy, with a content focus on environmental and policy determinants of chronic diseases. He directs the Prevention Research Center and co-directs the Washington University Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control.

Dr Martin Bergman, Public & Science (VA), Sweden

Dr Bergman has broad experience in scientific research, public engagement, and science communication. At VA, he works on various studies and surveys, including the annual barometer that investigates public attitudes to science and research, and has coordinated several national and international citizen science projects.

6th Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

23 November 2021

Keynote speakers:

Ms Julianne Gee, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States

Ms Gee is an epidemiologist who is currently serving as the Deputy Team Lead of the Vaccine Safety Team of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force and as a senior technical advisor to the Global Immunization Safety Team. Her responsibilities have recently expanded to serve as a senior technical advisor to the Global Immunization Safety Team, providing subject matter expertise on vaccine safety monitoring methods, including active and passive surveillance systems.

Professor Michael Gold, University of Adelaide and Women's and Children's Health Network, Adelaide, Australia

Professor Gold is a paediatric allergist and immunologist who has contributed to several World Health Organization vaccine safety guidelines and is a committee member of the Vaccine Safety Investigation Group of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and of the AusVaxSafety Expert Advisory Group for Active Vaccine Surveillance.

Associate Professor Helen Petousis-Harris, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Associate Professor Petousis-Harris is a vaccinologist who is currently co-leading the Global Vaccine Data Network, a multinational consortium dedicated to collaboration in vaccine safety studies. She was previously the chair of the World Health Organization Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety and is currently an elected member of the international Brighton Collaboration Science Board.

5th Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

20 November 2019

Keynote speaker:

Anders Hviid, Senior Researcher, Department of Epidemiology Research, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr Hviid is a senior pharmacoepidemiologist who has worked on observational studies of vaccine and drug safety at Statens Serum Institut since 2001. He is responsible for a number of landmark studies on the putative associations between childhood immunisations and serious adverse events such as autism, type 1 diabetes, and non-targeted infections. He is currently the principal investigator of a comprehensive research programme investigating the safety of human papillomavirus vaccination.

4th Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

21 November 2018

Keynote speaker:

Irene Petersen, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Informatics, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom.

Professor Petersen moved to UCL in 2003 and has since built a vibrant and productive research environment around the analysis of electronic health records. She has a particular interest in drug safety in pregnancy and has developed cohorts of pregnant women, potential partners, and children within The Health Improvement Network (THIN) primary care database.

3rd Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

22 November 2017

Keynote speaker:

Professor Eelko Hak, Epidemiologist, Department of PharmacoTherapy, Epidemiology, and Economics (PTEE), University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Professor Hak is a registered Senior Clinical Epidemiologist in the Netherlands. He is a member of the Dutch Health Council Committee on Vaccination as well as the Foundation BEBO Medical Research Ethics Committee, and directs the University of Groningen's Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacoepidemiology track. Professor Hak's main research interest is in methods to deal with confounding in observational research, however he has also been leading clinical trials of universal influenza vaccines.

2nd Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

25 November 2016

Keynote speaker:

Professor Alan Brookhart, Biostatistician, Department of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

Alan received his PhD in biostatistics from the University of California, Berkeley. His research focuses on the development and application of epidemiological methods for observational studies of medicines using large health care databases. His specific research interests are: 1) understanding the determinants of physician prescribing and patient adherence, and 2) detecting and controlling confounding bias in comparative effectiveness studies of medicines.

Inaugural Pharmacoepidemiology Research Network Symposium

25 November 2015

Guest speakers:

Professor Sir David Skegg, Epidemiologist, University of Otago.

Professor Ralph Edwards, former Director, Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden.

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