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PHSI students: We expect that most Physics BSc Honours or PGDipSc students will take the 60-point project PHSI 490 and 60-points of taught papers. Those papers must include at least four 10-point 400-level papers from PHSI. You may select up to 20-points from 400-level MATH papers.

Paper Code Title Points Semester
PHSI 421 Statistical Mechanics 10 1
PHSI 422 Upper Atmospheric and Space Physics 10 2
PHSI 423 Advanced Quantum Mechanics I 10 1
PHSI 424 Advanced Quantum Mechanics II 10 2
PHSI 425 Advanced Electromagnetism 10 1
PHSI 426 Fluids, Instability and Transport Phenomena 10 2
PHSI 427 Linear Systems and Noise 10 1
PHSI 437 Topics in Advanced Physics 10
PHSI 438 Topics in Advanced Physics 10

Energy Science and Technology / Energy Management

Paper Code Title
EMAN 402 Process Optimisation
EMAN 403 Linear Systems and Control Theory
EMAN 404 Advanced Energy Resources
EMAN 405 Energy Practice
EMAN 410 Energy Policy
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