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You can normally only make changes to your papers within certain time frames and depending on whether you have completed the course enrolment declaration or not.

See Enrolment deadlines

If you have completed the course enrolment declaration

If you have completed the course enrolment declaration, you can make changes yourself in eVision (deadlines apply).

Changing your course

If you haven't completed the course enrolment declaration

If you have yet to complete the course enrolment declaration you can make changes to your course yourself through your eVision portal in most instances.

Changing my papers FAQ

Have a clash?

Paper selections that include timetable clashes may not be accepted.

Timetable Clash information for students

View timetable information for papers:
Web Timetable viewer

Before changing your course, be aware that…

Making changes to your course (including withdrawing under exceptional circumstances) can have implications for your fees, full-time status, StudyLink entitlements, timetable and future enrolment. It may also affect the immigration status of international students.

To ensure you understand the possible consequences of the changes you wish to make, we recommend speaking to an adviser from Student Development first.

Adding papers

You can add papers to your course of study up to the due date. The additional paper(s) will be added to your academic record and will increase the fees you're required to pay or count towards your fees-free entitlement.

Deleting papers

If you delete a paper from your course of study by the due date you will be entitled to a refund of tuition fees for that paper, and the paper will be removed from your academic record. Deleted papers do not count towards fees-free entitlements.

If you delete all of your papers by the due date, any tuition fees you've paid will be refunded less a Tuition Refund fee.

Withdrawing from papers

If the last day to delete has passed, you can withdraw from a paper via your eVision portal in the Programme and papers tab.

Log in to the eVision Portal

However, there is no refund of fees for withdrawn papers, and your liability for any unpaid fees will remain. Withdrawn papers count towards fees-free entitlements.

Fees-free entitlement

If you withdraw from a paper by the due date, the paper will continue to be listed on your academic record, but will have 'Withdrawn' noted beside it and will not be included in your GPA calculation.

Additional information for Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) students is available on the HSFY website.

Deadlines for changing your papers

It's your course

Through eVision you can check the papers you are enrolled for and whether or not any requested changes have been processed. It is your responsibility, and in your own best interests, to ensure that your course of study is in accordance with the relevant regulations in the University Calendar and that your enrolment correctly records the papers you are taking.

Want to talk through your changes before you make them?

Make an appointment to talk to one of the Student Development Student Advisers.

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