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Examination Scripts and Results

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Key dates and deadlines for 2021

The table below shows the key dates and deadlines (over a 12-week period) for the University’s provisions for Recounts and return of examination scripts following the date of the release of confirmed results for the 2021 examination periods.

Date final results are released (unconfirmed)
Request to view scripts within department Recount applications Collect scripts from department (apply via AskOtago)
Weeks 1-12 Weeks 1-4 Weeks 7-12
Summer School Friday 5 March 2021 Monday 8 Mar - Sunday 30 May 2021 Monday 8 Mar - Sunday 4 Apr 2021 Monday 26 Apr - Sunday 30 May 2021
Semester 1
Friday 2 July 2021 Monday 5 July - Sunday 26 Sept 2021 Monday 5 July - Sunday 1 Aug 2021 Monday 23 Aug - Sunday 26 Sept 2021
Semester 2
Friday 26 November 2021 Monday 29 Nov 2021 - Sunday 20 Feb 2022 Monday 29 Nov - Sunday 26 Dec 2021 Monday 17 Jan - Sunday 20 Feb 2022

Final results

Final results for papers can be viewed in the Examinations and Results section of the student eVision portal as soon as they become available each teaching period. Initially "Unconfirmed" will be shown alongside them. Once "Unconfirmed" is no longer showing, results are official.

The University of Otago uses the following scale to convert numerical marks into grades:

Mark Grade
90-100 A+
85-89 A
80-84 A-
75-79 B+
70-74 B
65-69 B-
60-64 C+
55-59 C
50-54 C-
40-49 Fail D
Below 40 Fail E

Viewing your examination script

You may request to view your script from the start of week 1 to the end of week 12 from the date of the release of confirmed results.

There are no application forms or fees associated with viewing your examination script.

On-campus students

Contact the relevant teaching department to arrange a time to view your script in the Department.

Distance Learning students

Please email us for information regarding viewing your script.


You may apply for a recount by the end of the fourth week after the date of the release of confirmed results. A recount involves a careful re-check of the marks that count toward your final result in a paper. The purpose of a recount is to ensure that no answer, no portion of an answer, or any work undertaken during the teaching period which counts for the final result, has been overlooked. No personal information accompanying the application is passed onto the examiners.

Your work is not re-marked; at the University of Otago there is no provision for any work to be re-marked.

Application and payment information

 The application form for a Recount of Results can be found here or from AskOtago.

The administration fee is $36 per paper, regardless of how many examinations a paper has. This is because a Recount is a check of all marks that comprise the final grade in a particular paper. Please see below for information on paying administration fees. Where a recount results in a change of mark, the administration fee will be refunded.

Submit your completed application

  • by email to
  • in person at the AskOtago Central Hub, located in the Link (by the Central Library)
  • by post to Student Administration – Student Experience, PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054

Applications and payment must be received by Student Administration or AskOtago by the deadline; late applications are not accepted.

The Recount process

Once your application has been received and your payment processed, the relevant department(s) will be asked to re-check all components of your final mark, to ensure that nothing has been omitted or recorded incorrectly. Once this is done, the department advises Student Administration of the outcome, and we advise you via your student email address. The process can take several weeks, so if you haven’t been notified of the outcome and would like to check the status of your application, please contact Student Administration.

Return of examination scripts

You may apply for the return of your examination script from the start of week 7 until the end of week 12 from the date of the release of confirmed results.

After twelve weeks from the date of the release of confirmed results, unclaimed scripts are disposed of by Departments.


Not all examination scripts can be returned. If your answers involved problem solving, were answered on multi-choice answer sheets for computer marking or a Department requires a particular examination paper to be embargoed from publication and not released into the public domain then you will not be able to have your script returned to you. However, you can still view it.

To find out if an examination script can be returned to you or not, go to the Library's Exam Papers Online webpage and check the examination; embargoed examination papers are noted as such.

Application information

The application form is available from AskOtago.

There is no administration fee associated with the return of examination scripts.

Final examination only

Students who have failed a paper but who have completed course work satisfactorily may apply for Final Examination Only enrolment. If approved, internal marks are carried over and the examination may be sat at the end of the next teaching period that the paper is offered. 

  • Approval for Final Examination Only enrolment is at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department.
  • Some papers do not have the option of Final Examination Only; if this is the case, you will be advised.
  • Final Examination Only enrolment may be granted only once for a particular paper.
  • Final Examination Only enrolment is only available for the next teaching period in which the paper is offered after the paper is initially failed.
  • Applications will not be approved if the content or assessment of the paper is going to be significantly altered when it is next offered, or if the paper is no longer offered.

Students approved for Final Examination Only enrolment are not entitled to:

  • attend any lectures, laboratories, or tutorials
  • receive assistance from academic staff
  • have access to electronic holdings of course material
  • receive printed course material.


Applications for Final Examination Only must be received by:

  • Summer School papers – 10 January
  • Semester 1 and full year papers – 1 March
  • Semester 2 papers – 31 July

Further information Final Examination Only is available here.

Paying Administration Fees

Recounts and Health Sciences Professional Programme Special Examinations incur an administration fee. If you have applied for one of these options and are due to pay a fee, you can do so in the following ways:

In person - Recounts

  • AskOtago Central Hub, Information Services Building by Eftpos

In person - Health Sciences Professional Programmes Special Examinations

  • AskOtago Central Hub, Information Services Building by Eftpos

Internet banking and telegraphic transfer

The University of Otago also accepts payment by internet Banking or Telegraphic Transfer with the account details listed below:

Bank Name: Westpac New Zealand Limited
Bank address: Westpac Moray Place Branch
PO Box 5345, Dunedin 9058, Otago, New Zealand
Account Name: University of Otago - Student Tuition
Account Number: 03-0175-0660238-00
SWIFT code: WPACNZ2W (for payments outside of New Zealand)*
*Please note that for payments paid by telegraphic transfer, there is a bank fee of NZD $20 charged for each transaction so you will need to add this amount onto the amount payable.

References for online banking

If your payment does not have the appropriate references, we will not be able to identify your payment and this will delay your application. Please see the table below for more information.

Payment for
Particulars Code Reference
Recount Recount Student ID# Initials and surname
HSPP Special Examinations HSPP Special Student ID# Initials and surname

Credit Card payment to University of Otago

For students outside Dunedin who would like to pay administration fees by credit card, please contact us for further details.