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Summer School Papers


  • Many papers are unique to Summer School, others are core components of degree programmes
  • All papers have full academic credit - most are the same point value as semester papers
  • One 18 point paper counts as full time study
  • Papers are taught over six weeks instead of the usual thirteen weeks of a semester

Summer School 2020 papers

Further details and timetabling on these papers will be available in September.

  • BIOA201 Biocultural Human Skeletal Biology
  • CHEM150 Concepts in Chemistry (distance learning)
  • CHEM191 The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health
  • CLAS240 The Classical World in the Movies
  • COMP101 Foundations of Information Systems
  • COMP111 Information and Communications Technology
  • COMP160 General Programming
  • COSC326 Effective Programming
  • COSC360 Computer Game Design
  • ENGL127 Effective Writing
  • ENGL223 Fantasy and the Imagination
  • ENGL323 Fantasy and the Imagination (Advanced)
  • FINC204 Personal Finance
  • FORB201 Forensic Biology
  • FREN105 Intensive French for Beginners
  • HIST230 Special Topic (on campus and distance learning)
  • HIST333 Special Topic (on campus and distance learning)
  • HUMS301 Internship Practicum (distance learning)
  • HUMS401 Internship Practicum (distance learning)
  • JAPA131 Introductory Japanese 1
  • LAWS401 Children and the Family Justice System (Auckland)
  • LAWS432 Animals and the Law (Auckland)
  • LAWS444 Intellectual Property
  • LAWS470 Special Topic 1 - International Criminal Justice
  • LAWS473 Special Topic 4 - Public Health Law (Wellington)
  • LAWS475 Special Topic 6 - Legal Practice (Wellington)
  • LAWS480 Research Paper
  • LAWS498 Research and Writing
  • LING103 Language Myths
  • MANT361 Special Topic: International HR Management
  • MAOR110 Introduction to Conversational Māori
  • MART308 Integrated Digital Marketing
  • MART330 Special Topic: Visual Research, Narrative and Filmmaking
  • MATH151 General Mathematics
  • MATH160 Mathematics 1
  • MATS204 Treasure or Trash: Sustainability of Materials (on campus and distance learning)
  • MFCO231 Special Topic: Journalism Now: Seeking the truth in a world of disinformation and fake news
  • MUSI249 Contemporary Vocal Pedagogy: How to Teach Contemporary Voice
  • MUSI349 Contemporary Vocal Pedagogy: How to Teach Contemporary Voice
  • PACR101 Pacific Realities and University Learning
  • PHIL106 Radical Philosophy
  • PHSI170 Sun, Earth and Universe
  • PHSI191 Biological Physics
  • POLS308 US Foreign Policy Since 1945
  • POLS321 Public Policy in New Zealand
  • RELS202 The Religions of Southeast Asia (on campus and distance learning)
  • RELS237 Psychology of Religion (on campus and distance learning)
  • RELS302 Religions of Southeast Asia (Advanced)
  • RELS337 Psychology of Religion (on campus and distance learning)
  • STAT110 Statistical Methods
  • TOUR101 Introduction to Tourism (distance learning)
  • TOUR102 Global Tourism (distance learning)
  • TOUR214 Introduction to Wine Business

PXSS Pre-Christmas Summer School 2019

11 November - 13 December 2019.  Exams on 14 December.

Need another paper? Check out our list of papers to be offered in PXSS 2019