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Summer School papers

This is a preliminary list of papers for Summer School 2022. Details of some of these papers will differ between semester 2 2021 and Summer School 2022. Final paper changes are made in late August, so refer back to this page in early September 2021 for the final Summer School paper list.

Summer School papers 2022

  • Many papers are unique to Summer School, others are core components of degree programmes
  • All papers have full academic credit – most are the same point value as semester papers
  • One 18-point paper counts as full-time study
  • Papers are taught over six weeks instead of the usual thirteen weeks of a semester

Paper code Paper title Location Campus Points
ANAT 131 Origins of Anatomical Language Dunedin On-campus 18
BIOA 201 Biocultural Human Skeletal Biology Dunedin On-campus 18
BSNS 250 Special Topic: Society and the Future of Money and Markets Dunedin On-campus 18
CHEM 150 Concepts in Chemistry Dunedin Distance 18
CHEM 191 The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health Dunedin On-campus 18
COMP 101 Foundations of Information Systems Dunedin On-campus 18
COMP 111 Information and Communications Technology Dunedin On-campus 18
COMP 162 Foundations of Computer Science Dunedin On-campus 18
COSC 326 Computational problem solving Dunedin On-campus 18
COSC 360 Computer Game Design Dunedin On-campus 18
ENGL 127 Effective Writing Dunedin On-campus 18
ENGL 223 Fantasy and the Imagination Dunedin On-campus 18
ENGL 323 Fantasy and the Imagination (Advanced) Dunedin On-campus 18
FINC 204 Personal Finance Dunedin On-campus 18
FORB 201 Forensic Biology Dunedin On-campus 18
HUMS 301 Internship Practicum Dunedin Distance 18
HUMS 401 Internship Practicum Dunedin Distance 20
HUNT 141 Understanding Human Nutrition Dunedin Distance 18
JAPA 131 Introductory Japanese 1 Dunedin On-campus 18
LAWS 410 Criminology Dunedin On-campus 15
LAWS 419 Securities Market Regulation Dunedin On-campus 15
LAWS 443 International Investment Law Wellington On-campus 15
LAWS 473 Special Topic 4 Wellington On-campus 15
LAWS 474 Special Topic 5 Dunedin On-campus 15
LAWS 475 Special Topic 6: Global and Comparative Animal Law Auckland On-campus 15
LAWS 480 Research Paper Dunedin On-campus 15
LAWS 498 Research and Writing Dunedin On-campus 0
MAOR 110 Introduction to Conversational Māori Dunedin On-campus 18
MART 330 Special Topic: Current Issues in International Branding Dunedin On-campus 18
MATS 204 Treasure or Trash: Sustainability of Materials Dunedin Distance 18
MFCO 224 Studying Selfies: Celebrity, Surveillance and Cyberspace Dunedin On-campus 18
MINS 415 Christian Ministry in te ao Māori (the Māori World) (Advanced) Dunedin Distance 20
MUSI 259 Special Topic: Practical Conducting Dunedin 18
PACR 101 Pacific Realities and University Learning Dunedin On-campus 18
PAST 323 Christian ministry in te ao Māori (the Māori World) Dunedin Distance 18
PHAL 231 Drugs and Society Dunedin On-campus 18
PHIL 106 Radical Philosophy Dunedin On-campus 18
PHSI 170 Introduction to Astronomy Dunedin On-campus 18
PHSI 191 Biological Physics Dunedin On-campus 18
POLS 310 Turkey and its Neighbours Dunedin On-campus 18
POLS 321 Public Policy in New Zealand Dunedin On-campus/Distance 18
RELS 202 The Religions of Southeast Asia Dunedin On-campus/Distance 18
RELS 237 Psychology of Religion Dunedin On-campus/Distance 18
RELS 302 Religions of Southeast Asia (Advanced) Dunedin On-campus/Distance 18
RELS 337 Psychology of Religion (Advanced) Dunedin On-campus/Distance 18
SOCI 309 Special Topic: Science, Technology & Post-Capitalist Futures Dunedin On-campus 18
STAT 110 Statistical Methods Dunedin On-campus 18
TOUR 101 Introduction to Tourism Dunedin Distance 18
TOUR 102 Global Tourism Dunedin Distance 18
TOUR 214 Introduction to Wine Business Dunedin On-campus 18
TOUR 310 Leisure Dimensions Dunedin Distance 18