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Tourism at Otago goes beyond the conventional to explore all aspects of an exciting and constantly evolving field.

Our Department understands the importance of making new links with the Tourism industry, and strengthening our existing ones. If you are an organisation or business within the Tourism industry, our knowledge, expertise and research could help you – and our students and staff would be keen to learn from your industry experience!

Why collaborate with Tourism at Otago?

Working on a project with Tourism at Otago can add value to your business. We are one of the world's leading research departments in the field of tourism and are proud to have leading, internationally recognised researchers. We also have an extensive and highly active Masters of Tourism and PhD programme with students from around the globe.

Are you interested in working together on a project?

Please contact us to find out more about how we can work together.

Otago Tourism Policy School

The Tourism Policy School presents a significant opportunity to discuss issues and pathways at a time when businesses, policy-makers and communities face new challenges in the field of tourism and sustainable development.

Find out about the Otago Tourism Policy School

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