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Deputy Warden and Assistant Wardens

Whilst the University Flats accommodates students in independent living, support and pastoral care is available to all of our residents should the need arise.

International students who come to Otago are away from many, if not all, of their support mechanisms, so it can be a very unsettling time for students when they first arrive.

Our Community Support Team have a lot of experience working with these groups of students and can offer assistance, guidance and support to all University Flats residents. Please feel free to contact the Community Support team prior to arrival.

In addition to the Deputy Warden, there are three full-time Assistant Warden's based in the University Flats office, who provide support, care and guidance to all residents. Staff are also familiar with the many student support networks and agencies on and off campus.

A 'roving' pastoral care and maintenance staff member will regularly visit flats and be available to assist as required. The support team work closely with the University's International Office who have specialist advisors to assist students with a number of issues, including, insurance, visa problems and any course related matters.

The University Flats community support team supports and cares for all University Flats residents. We are here to help and to provide a safe and happy environment for during your time with us.

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