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For University of Otago departments, Uniprint is the most cost-effective option for all printing projects. Our primary purpose is to meet the University's printing needs. This means that:

  • Our charges are driven by service and the ability to keep costs as low as possible for the university community
  • Because of the large quantities of University printing we manage, we can negotiate rates with our suppliers to achieve economies of scale, enabling us to pass on further savings
  • We have the institutional knowledge to help take the hassle out of your printing projects. We know the University environment well, including key dates on the University calendar, and University logo usage specifics

Staff printing

Please access the AskOtago Staff Portal if you are a staff member needing information about how to print or if you are having problems printing to your area's print devices.

The University of Otago uses the All of Government (AoG) contract for obtaining print devices. The print device contract is managed by Uniprint using the uniFLOW Software Management System. All print devices are leased from the vendor and departments are only charged for the number of pages printed.

Any Uniflow System Request can be made be to:


Uniprint will help you with:

  • Defining your print device requirements and what you need to consider
  • Everything you need to know about planning for the installation of your print device

Use the Print Device Form to start the process of getting a new print device, a printer moved, or to upgrade your existing one:

Print Device Form (PDF)

Please do not move or unplug any device. This will be done for you by the vendor. For disposal requests, they will perform any security decommissioning that is needed and erase information from the print device's hard disk before removing the device from the University of Otago.

It may take up to two weeks for your request to be completed.

How to download self-service uniFLOW drivers:

Useful links and resources:

Logo and brand management

Uniprint has over 50 years' experience in the correct use of the University logo and other aspects of the University's brand management and will ensure that your project complies with University of Otago brand regulations.

We can quickly and efficiently produce stationery items such as business cards and letterhead that carry the University of Otago's logo.

Find out more about University of Otago's brand and logo requirements

Course booklets and materials

Uniprint can print your department's course books and materials quickly and economically. We can help you with:

  • large bulk orders
  • effective formats
  • the most economical options for your department

To avoid possible delays or formatting errors, files should be provided to Uniprint as .pdf format. File formats such as Word and Publisher can cause compatibility issues and should be converted to .pdf using Adobe Acrobat if possible. Please also check that your files are saved as 'A4' size rather than as 'US letter'.

Course material distribution

Selling course materials through Uniprint

  1. At least three weeks prior to the beginning of semester (the earlier the better) course materials are organised for printing and binding at Uniprint. The quantity to be printed can be determined by working out the class numbers available at the time with a percentage of that number being printed. For example, for a first year paper, 80% of the class number of course readers will be printed.
  2. The readers are printed and delivered to the Library branch. Readers are printed with a barcode that is loaded into the Library branch till system.
  3. Once the job has been completed, the price of the reader can be worked out. The total cost of producing the job is calculated with 10% added as the charge for distribution via the Library branch, plus GST. This total is then divided by the number of books printed. Departments may choose to subsidise the reader for students by paying part of the production costs.
  4. When ordering, students pay for their books and receive a numbered slip. They must bring the numbered slip with them when they call to collect their book 48 hours later.
  5. If readers ordered by departments are left unsold at the end of semester, they are returned to the department and charged accordingly. The cost of any remaining readers ordered by the Library branch is covered by Uniprint.


Uniprint is your one-stop shop for all University of Otago stationery items.

To streamline your order, please use our online ordering tool

Find out more about Uniprint's stationery printing service

Peak workflow

Find out when Uniprint is busiest so that you can plan the best time to have your work produced and avoid delays.

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