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Introduction to Distance Learning

Distance learning doesn't mean studying alone and you can easily connect with staff and other students as well as with the educational materials. We present these in a range of media appropriate to the learning topics via our Moodle website.

We are also exploring the use of simulations/virtual worlds so that you can learn in more practical ways at a distance.

Flexibility of study

Distance learning is flexible so as to accommodate the many of you who have highly demanding jobs requiring bursts of high intensity activity. Asynchronous study means that you do not need to constantly attend classes at fixed times and can study at your own pace. However, this does not mean that you have to study alone.

Audio-conferences and regular blogs give structure to our courses, but in the end you can structure your study however you want so as to get the most out of this learning experience. You can expect to spend up to 10 hours a week reading. The materials come from a wide range of sources and are intended to make a positive contribution to your professional practice.

The highlight of the year of course is the Professional Visits Programme which is held in a range of centres around the world. We do encourage all of our students to come and this is a time when you not only get a chance to talk face to face with your tutors and fellow students, but also to learn exciting new materials.

Support for you and your studies

We have study advisers to help you if you are having difficulties planning and organising your study. Your course tutors can also advise you on academic matters, and of course our programme manager is always there to lend a hand!

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