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Overview of Occupational and Aviation Medicine


Qualification requirements (PDF)

Aviation Medicine is a broad subject and there is sufficient flexibility in the various papers offered to enable students to tailor a course to their own particular interests and academic needs.

There are three main streams of postgraduate teaching and research: Aviation Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport. In each stream there are various qualifications available from a one year entry level Certificate, a two-year/part-time Diploma and fully taught (papers only) Master Degrees.

Aviation Medicine (Medical Doctors)

Occupational Medicine (Medical Doctors)

Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport (Medical Doctors)

Qualifications open to Nurses, Paramedics and other Health Professionals


2024–2026 papers schedule (PDF)

Most papers are offered in alternate years as indicated below.

Paper code and nameNext Taught
Aviation Medicine papers – MAvMed 
AVME711 Aviation Physiology2022 S1 and 2024 S1
AVME714 Clinical Aviation Medicine2022 S2 and 2024 S2
AVME812 Human Performance2021 S2 and 2023 S2
AVME813 Airport and Travel Health2021 S1 and 2023 S1
Occupational Medicine papers – PGCertOccMed, PGDipOccMed, MOccMed 
AVME715 Health, Work & Behaviour2021 S1 and 2023 S1
AVME716 Clinical Occupational Medicine2021 S2 and 2023 S2
AVME723 Managing Occupational Medicine2022 S1 and 2024 S1
AVME724 Health and Industry2022 S2 and 2024 S2
AVME801 Occupational Medicine Epidemiology and BiostatisticsTo be confirmed
AVME802 Vocational RehabilitationTo be confirmed
Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport papers – PGCertAeroRT, PGDipAeroRT 
AVME717 Medical Logistics of Aeromedical Transport2021 S1 and 2023 S1
AVME718 Operational Aspects of Aeromedical Transport2021 S2 and 2023 S2
AVME721 Clinical Care in the Air2022 S1 and 2024 S1
AVME722 Organisation of Aeromedical Systems2022 S2 and 2024 S2
Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport papers – PGCertHealthSci(AeroRT), PGDipHealthSci(AeroRT) 
AVME719 Operational Aspects of Aeromedical Retrieval for Nurses and Paramedics2021 S1 and 2022 S1
AVME720 Clinical Aspects of Aeromedical Retrieval for Nurses and Paramedics2021 S2 and 2022 S2
Research papers – MHealthSci, MAvMed 
AVME780 Research ProjectEvery semester
AVME785 Research Methods2021 S1 and 2022 S1

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