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The NZDep2018 analysis of census 2018 variables report provides information about Aotearoa's socioeconomic landscapes using the measurement tool NZDep2018. The report presents data from the 2018 Census as viewed through the lens of NZDep2018.

The uses to which NZDep is put include planning, needs assessment, research, resource allocation and community-based advocacy. We hope that this material provides information that is useful in assisting with these activities.

Census information is provided at the national level, and at the District Health Board (DHB) and Territorial Authority (TA) levels.

Download the full report:
NZDep2018 analysis of census 2018 variables report (docx)

The collective DHB and TA table with links is also available in an XL spreadsheet:
NZDep2018 spreadsheet for DHBs and territorial authorities files (excel)

Data source for the analysis

All information in the report is derived from the 2018 Census process. Almost all of the data has been sourced from Stats NZ webpage:
Statistical area 1 dataset for 2018 Census – updated March 2020

The information at the Statistical Area 1 (SA1) level used the associated NZDep2018 (SA1 level version). The data have been summarised to the relevant geographical level in the report (All NZ, DHB and TA). Totals in the report therefore may differ slightly from the actual totals due to the use of random rounded SA1 values in the summations.

Deprivation index analysis for specific DHBs and territorial authorities

These tables link to data for each geographic boundary analysed in the NZDep2018 analysis of census 2018 variables report.

Refer to the report for research methodology and interpretation of the data:
NZDep2018 analysis of census 2018 variables report (PDF)

District Health Board (DHB) deprivation index analysis

Table one: Separate documents of tables and graphs for District Health Boards
Geography GeoVal Area Label Link to file
All - Summary for Total NZ CensusGraphsOverall
DHB 01 Northland CensusGraphsDHB01
DHB 02 Waitemata CensusGraphsDHB02
DHB 03 Auckland CensusGraphsDHB03
DHB 04 Counties Manukau CensusGraphsDHB04
DHB 05 Waikato CensusGraphsDHB05
DHB 06 Lakes CensusGraphsDHB06
DHB 07 Bay of Plenty CensusGraphsDHB07
DHB 08 Tairawhiti CensusGraphsDHB08
DHB 09 Taranaki CensusGraphsDHB09
DHB 10 Hawke's Bay CensusGraphsDHB10
DHB 11 Whanganui CensusGraphsDHB11
DHB 12 MidCentral CensusGraphsDHB12
DHB 13 Hutt Valley CensusGraphsDHB13
DHB 14 Capital and Coast CensusGraphsDHB14
DHB 15 Wairarapa CensusGraphsDHB15
DHB 16 Nelson Marlborough CensusGraphsDHB16
DHB 17 West Coast CensusGraphsDHB17
DHB 18 Canterbury CensusGraphsDHB18
DHB 19 South Canterbury CensusGraphsDHB19
DHB 22 Southern


Territorial authorities (TA) deprivation index analysis

Table two: Separate documents of tables and graphs for territorial authorities
Geography GeoVal Area Label Link to file
All - Summary for Total NZ CensusGraphsOverall
TA 001 Far North District CensusGraphsTA001
TA 002 Whangarei District CensusGraphsTA002
TA 003 Kaipara District CensusGraphsTA003
TA 011 Thames-Coromandel District CensusGraphsTA011
TA 012 Hauraki District CensusGraphsTA012
TA 013 Waikato District CensusGraphsTA013
TA 015 Matamata-Piako District CensusGraphsTA015
TA 016 Hamilton City CensusGraphsTA016
TA 017 Waipa District CensusGraphsTA017
TA 018 Otorohanga District CensusGraphsTA018
TA 019 South Waikato District CensusGraphsTA019
TA 020 Waitomo District CensusGraphsTA020
TA 021 Taupo District CensusGraphsTA021
TA 022 Western Bay of Plenty District CensusGraphsTA022
TA 023 Tauranga City CensusGraphsTA023
TA 024 Rotorua District CensusGraphsTA024
TA 025 Whakatane District CensusGraphsTA025
TA 026 Kawerau District CensusGraphsTA026
TA 027 Opotiki District CensusGraphsTA027
TA 028 Gisborne District CensusGraphsTA028
TA 029 Wairoa District CensusGraphsTA029
TA 030 Hastings District CensusGraphsTA030
TA 031 Napier City CensusGraphsTA031
TA 032 Central Hawke's Bay District CensusGraphsTA032
TA 033 New Plymouth District CensusGraphsTA033
TA 034 Stratford District CensusGraphsTA034
TA 035 South Taranaki District CensusGraphsTA035
TA 036 Ruapehu District CensusGraphsTA036
TA 037 Whanganui District CensusGraphsTA037
TA 038 Rangitikei District CensusGraphsTA038
TA 039 Manawatu District CensusGraphsTA039
TA 040 Palmerston North City CensusGraphsTA040
TA 041 Tararua District CensusGraphsTA041
TA 042 Horowhenua District CensusGraphsTA042
TA 043 Kapiti Coast District CensusGraphsTA043
TA 044 Porirua City CensusGraphsTA044
TA 045 Upper Hutt City CensusGraphsTA045
TA 046 Lower Hutt City CensusGraphsTA046
TA 047 Wellington City CensusGraphsTA047
TA 048 Masterton District CensusGraphsTA048
TA 049 Carterton District CensusGraphsTA049
TA 050 South Wairarapa District CensusGraphsTA050
TA 051 Tasman District CensusGraphsTA051
TA 052 Nelson City CensusGraphsTA052
TA 053 Marlborough District CensusGraphsTA053
TA 054 Kaikoura District CensusGraphsTA054
TA 055 Buller District CensusGraphsTA055
TA 056 Grey District CensusGraphsTA056
TA 057 Westland District CensusGraphsTA057
TA 058 Hurunui District CensusGraphsTA058
TA 059 Waimakariri District CensusGraphsTA059
TA 060 Christchurch City CensusGraphsTA060
TA 062 Selwyn District CensusGraphsTA062
TA 063 Ashburton District CensusGraphsTA063
TA 064 Timaru District CensusGraphsTA064
TA 065 Mackenzie District CensusGraphsTA065
TA 066 Waimate District CensusGraphsTA066
TA 067 Chatham Islands Territory CensusGraphsTA067
TA 068 Waitaki District CensusGraphsTA068
TA 069 Central Otago District CensusGraphsTA069
TA 070 Queenstown-Lakes District CensusGraphsTA070
TA 071 Dunedin City CensusGraphsTA071
TA 072 Clutha District CensusGraphsTA072
TA 073 Southland District CensusGraphsTA073
TA 074 Gore District CensusGraphsTA074
TA 075 Invercargill City CensusGraphsTA075
TA 076 Auckland CensusGraphsTA076
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