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BSc Zoology Graduate Attributes

The University of Otago BSc Zoology programme aims to develop:

Skills that are transferable to a variety of pursuits in life; including the specific knowledge and skills that will equip you as a well-rounded zoologist, as well as the ability to engage in rigorous analysis and criticism, to solve problems, to communicate effectively in writing and in speech, to work in teams and independently, and to have an awareness of the ethical, social and cultural dimensions of zoological study.

Bachelor of Science Zoology graduates will be able to demonstrate:

• An understanding of the diversity of animals from evolutionary, functional and ecological perspectives
• An appreciation of the uniqueness of New Zealand's fauna, its place in a global setting and the need to protect diversity
• An awareness of the contribution of research to the development of the discipline of Zoology, the limits of current knowledge and that all knowledge is contestable
• Skills important for the investigation of animal biology: making observations, generating and presenting data, experimental design, statistical analysis, writing reports, dissecting specimens, and using microscopes and classification keys
• Personal skills in written and oral communication; analysis, problem solving and decision making; gathering and presenting information; imagination, openness, curiosity and creativity; the ability to learn and to work both independently and effectively in a team
• An appreciation of the ethical and social issues relating to research on animals, and the ethical, cultural, social and economic contexts of native and introduced animals and their harvesting

A Zoology Degree also contributes to the development of University of Otago Graduate Attributes

See the University of Otago Teaching and Learning Action Plan

Undergraduate Zoology degrees.

The BSc is a programme of papers with a combined value of not fewer than 360 credit points, including at least 180 points at 200-level or above. The remainder of the 180 credit points that you require to complete your degree (in addition to those specified for a Zoology major) can be made up from a wide range of subjects at the 100-, 200-, and 300-levels in areas as diverse as anatomy, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer science, ecology, genetics, geography, geology, mathematics, microbiology, physics, physiology, psychology and statistics, and may include up to 90 points from non-science papers. For suggested 100- and 200-level papers, see our List of suggested papers for Zoology majors. Remember that papers at 200- or 300-level usually have prerequisite papers that must have been passed in earlier years; take this into account when planning your programme.

Zoology Undergraduate Booklet

Download the latest Zoology Undergraduate Booklet (PDF 2.6MB)

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