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Only half the 360pts required for a BSc in Zoology are specified as Major Subject Requirements. The remaining 180pts can be taken from a wide variety of courses across the University. Below are some suggestions for 100 and 200-level papers but remember that you can include up to 90pts of non-Science papers in your BSc. You should check whether the papers you select have any prerequisites (in your Guide to Enrolment or here:

100-level papers

(CELS191, BIOL112 and STAT110/115 are Major Subject Requirements)

BIOA101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
BIOC192 Foundations of Biochemistry
BIOL123 Plants: How They Shape the World
CHEM191 The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health
COMO101 Modelling and Computation
EAOS111 Earth and Ocean Science
ECOL111 Ecology and Conservation of Diversity
ENGL126 English for University Purposes
ENVI111 Environment and Society
GEOG101 Physical Geography
GEOL112 Dynamic Earth: A New Zealand Perspective
HUBS191 Human Body Systems 1
HUBS192 Human Body Systems 2
MARI112 Global Marine Systems
MATH160 Mathematics 1
MATH170 Mathematics 2
PHIL105 Critical Thinking
PHSI191 Biological Physics
PSYC111 Brain and Behaviour

200-level papers

(ZOOL221, ZOOL222 and ZOOL223 are Major Subject Requirements)

ANAT242 Neurobiology
ANAT243 Reproductive and Developmental Biology
BIOC221 Molecular Biology
BIOC230 Biochemistry
BTNY201 Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology
BTNY202 Plant and Fungal Diversity
BTNY203 Marine and Freshwater Botany
CHEM201 Environmental Physical Chemistry
CHEM205 Biological Chemistry
COMO204 Differential Equations
ECOL211 Ecology of Communities and Ecosystems
ECOL212 Ecological Applications
ENVI211 Environmental History of New Zealand
FORB201 Forensic Biology
GENE222 Genes, Chromosomes and Populations
GENE223 Developmental and Applied Genetics
GEOL252 Field Studies and New Zealand Geology
GEOL272 Evolution of NZ Biota
MARI202 Marine Invertebrate Ecology and Biology
MATH202 Linear Algebra
MICR222 Microbes in Action
MICR223 Infection and Immunity
OCEN201 Physical Oceanography
PHIL225 Philosophy of Science
PHIL226 History of Science
PHSI243 Environmental Physics
PHSL231 Neurophysiology
PSYC211 Brain and Cognition
STAT210 Statistical Methods 2
STAT241 Regression and Modelling 1
STAT251 Design of Research Studies

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