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Thank you for another fantastic response to our 2023 Global Lens Photo Competition. We received more than 100 entries this year, and the results can now be revealed. Congratulations to our winners and runners up!

Nature category

Winner: Peter McIlroy “Beach Diamonds”

Peter took this photo in Iceland of icebergs from the Jökusárlón glacier that washed up on the beach.

Runner up: Michael Molloy “Stars over Mitre Peak”

Architecture category

Winner: Alasdair Martin “Houseboats”

Alasdair’s photo was taken in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. He says: “I took this photo at the houseboats on Yellowknife Bay on an early Sunday morning paddle that summer. It was a smoky season with all the NWT wildfires, but that morning the smoke was gone and there was no wind so I seized the opportunity. The summer season is very short this far north. You can drive on the same lake only a few months later.”

Runner up: Russell Walsh “Shot Tower”

People category

Winner: Peter McIlroy “Waiting for the Tube”

Peter’s shot is of: “A solitary passenger deep in thought at Baker Street Underground Station, London.”

Runner up: Michael Molloy “Thanks to those who came before”

Food Category

Winner: Graham Bond “Sweet Treats”

Graham’s photograph is of: “Sweet treats being prepared on the street which are then caramelised and sold on-site as a snack food.”

Runner up: Russell Walsh “Al Fresco”

  • Architecture

    Architecture winner: Alasdair Martin “Houseboats”

  • Architecture

    Architecture runner up: Russell Walsh “Shot Tower”

  • Food

    Food winner: Graham Bond “Sweet Treats”

  • Food

    Food runner up: Russell Walsh “Al Fresco”

  • Nature

    Nature winner: Peter McIlroy “Beach Diamonds”

  • Nature

    Nature runner up: Michael Molloy “Stars over Mitre Peak”

  • People

    People winner: Peter McIlroy “Waiting for the Tube”

  • People

    People runner up: Michael Molloy “Thanks to those who came before”

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