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Obesity: Not as simple as the cliches

Professor Dave Grattan discusses obesity’s causes: often it is brain chemicals and genes, rather than simply “lifestyle”.  

3 min 49 sec
Watch here on Te Hiku Media

Embracing the rage that comes with age

Gerontologist Amanda Smith Bausch discusses the benefits of using our “grumpiness” and anger as we age, in this RNZ interview.

14 min 19 sec
Listen here: Amanda Smith Barusch: embracing the rage that comes with age | RNZ

The Otago student who became an international expert in soil

Internationally-renowned farm soil expert and Otago alumna discusses the power of understanding soil.  Understanding what makes soil thrive can dramatically reduce the need for fertiliser.  Nicole Masters discusses her international success and findings in this RNZ interview.

13 min 24 sec
Listen here: The Otago Uni student who became an international soil expert | RNZ

The Dunedin Study – an interview with its new Director

Kōrero with Associate Professor Moana Theodore (Ngāpuhi) on TVNZ’s Marae programme. In this insightful interview, Moana’s discusses her recent appointment as the new Director of the Dunedin Study, and the absolute value of the longitudinal Study that started in the early 1970s and continues to be world-leading. As just the third director in the Dunedin Study’s 51-year history, Moana says she recognises the honour and responsibility of leading a Study that’s both world-famous and a national taonga (treasure).

13 min 12 sec
Watch here

Professor Maree Thyne’s Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Professor Thyne discusses her marketing research and career.

1 hour 2 mins
Watch here

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