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Degree requirements

Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Anthropology

100-levelTwo 100-level ANTH papers36
200-levelOne of ANTH 208, ANTH 210 or ANTH 21118
Two further 200-level ANTH papers

BIOA 201, GEOG 210, GLBL 211, MUSI 268 or any 200-level GEND or SOCI paper may be substituted for one 200-level ANTH paper.

300-levelFour 300-level ANTH papers

BIOA 301, GEOG 381, GLBL 311, MUSI 368, MUSI 386 or any 300-level GEND or SOCI paper may be substituted for one 300-level ANTH paper.

Plus198 further points; must include 54 points at 200-level or above.

Up to 90 points may be taken from outside Arts

Total 360

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2023 Calendar and supplementary material.

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