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Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Canterbury Comprehensive Centre (C4) links together all health professionals involved in the clinical treatment and care of patients with cancer in the Canterbury region.

This includes counsellors and support organisations working with cancer patients and their families, researchers with a cancer focus, non-governmental organisations, and the community.

Activities of the Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre

As a result of the above collaborations the C4 provides:

  • information about research and scientists, regular educational seminars, workshops and open-days for cancer professionals and the general public
  • links to supportive organizations
  • support for the Cancer Society Tissue Bank, where tissue donations support research

History of the Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The C4 had its beginnings over 10 years ago when a group of scientists and clinicians working with cancer started the Canterbury Cancer Network (CCaN) which sought to link individuals, groups and organizations to encourage collaborative relationships.

Over the years, the core group (committee) lead by oncologist Bridget Robinson and researchers in the University of Otago Christchurch, together with members from the CDHB, the Cancer Society and other supportive organizations, has evolved the C4 approach to cancer in Canterbury.

Resources for C4 members

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