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Community support by the Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre has the philosophy that as much information as possible should be freely available to the community, and recognises the big role of the support organisations in this.

Collaboration with the community organisations

The support of patients and their carers and family is essential in the successful management of a person with cancer. Christchurch families are well supported by a number of organisations:

  • Cancer Society
  • Canteen
  • Child Cancer Foundation
  • Nurse Maude
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation

The C4 will advocate for greater accessibility of authoritative information within the development plans for the CDHB, UOC campus and planned Health precinct.

Available support for cancer patients and their families

Currently, the Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre offers experts to provide information and education to cancer support groups and organisations in Canterbury.

A number of our members are more than willing to share their knowledge, research or work with local groups to increase knowledge about cancer and its treatment, and help provide better support for cancer patients and their families.

Visit the C4 contact page to get in touch with an expert in a particular field.

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