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Our people at the Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre links over 140 cancer professionals in the Canterbury area together.

This directory has been created to encourage collaboration between C4 members with similar areas of interest and to share knowledge and expertise.

If you are a cancer professional in Canterbury and would like to be included in this directory, please fill out this form.

Research Scientists

  • Kenny Chitcholtan, Laboratory for Cell and Protein Regulation, UOC
    3D cell culture, targeted drugs, ovarian cancers
  • Margaret Currie, Mackenzie Cancer Research Group, UOC
    Tumour microenvironment, tumour blood vessel biology, immune response to cancer, obesity and cancer
  • Gabi Dachs, Mackenzie Cancer Research Group, UOC
    Vitamin C, hypoxia, gene therapy
  • John Evans, Laboratory for Cell and Protein Regulation, UOC
    Gynaecological oncology
  • Steven Gieseg, Free Radical Biochemistry, University of Canterbury
    Neopterin, apoptosis, necrosis, macrophage
  • Mark Hampton, Centre for Free Radical Research, UOC
    Cell death, oxidative stress, antioxidants, mitochondria, cancer therapeutics
  • Diane Harker, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UOC
    Gynaecological oncology
  • Jacqui Keenan, Department of Surgery, UOC
    Gut bacteria, inflammation, carcinogenesis
  • Helen Morrin, Cancer Society Tissue Bank Curator, UOC
    Biobanking: ethics, legisalation, & best practise, tissue banking of cancer samples
  • Nazi Nejat, Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies, UOC
    Supportive care needs, palliative care
  • Ann Richardson, Wayne Francis Cancer Epidemiology Research Group, University of Canterbury
    Cancer epidemiology, breast cancer and viruses, cancer screening
  • Margreet Vissers, Centre for Free Radical Research, UOC
    Tumour microenvironment, oxidative stress, ascorbate, dietary antioxidants, HIF hydroxylases, cancer prevention
  • Logan Walker, Mackenzie Cancer Research Group, UOC
    Cancer genetics, tumour biology, breast and endometrial cancer, genomic DNA, gene expression
  • Jinny Willis, Lipid & Diabetes Research Group, Canterbury Health Labs
    Diabetes, obesity, metabolic factors, epidemiology

Clinical Staff

  • Scott Babington, Oncology, CRCBS
    Radiation therapy, radiotherapy
  • Glynis Cumming, Gynaecology, Canterbury District Health Board
    Gynaecological cancer, unmet needs
  • Mark Jeffery, Oncology Service, CDHB
    Clinical trials, systematic reviews, colorectal cancer, lymphoma
  • Caroline Lintott, Genetic Health Service NZ - South Island Hub
    Hereditary cancer syndromes, BRCA, Lynch, VHL, Li-Fraumeni, clinical genetics service
  • Bridget Robinson, Medical Oncologist and Mackenzie Chair in Cancer Medicine
    Tissue bank, tumour stroma, obesity, thrombosis, familial cancer


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