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This research group covers both maternal and fetal health and outcome.

Database Development

Ongoing data is collected for both the

  1. Fetal Medicine clinical unit which reviews women with complicated fetal problems or those at risk for them
  2. Maternal Medical clinic where women attend with underlying medical problems.

This enables not only audit, but followup of specific cases.

Obstetric Participation in Multicentre Clinical Trials

  • APTS Australian Placental Transfusion Study (Sydney)
  • MAGENTA Magnesium Sulphate at 30 to 34 weeks gestational age: Neuroprotection (Adelaide)
  • MAGNUM MRI investigation at term for MAGENTA recruits (Auckland)
  • STRIDER A randomised controlled trial of sildenafil therapy in dismal prognosis early onset intrauterine growth restriction (Auckland)
  • TARGET Optimal Glycaemic targets for Gestational Diabetes (Auckland)
  • PINTO Pre diabetes in pregnancy, can early intervention improve outcomes (Christchurch)
  • RSV vaccine in pregnancy study: "Does Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccine in pregnancy protect babies against lung disease?" (USA)
  • MBM My Baby Movements Trial. (Brisbane)

Members of Group

  • Dr Jo Gullam (Head of Department and Senior Joint Clinical Lecturer)
  • Dr Rosemary Reid (Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr Ruth Hughes
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