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Research strengths

Alphabetical index of research groups by name

A to C research groups

Anaesthetics Research

The department has research strengths in pain, anaesthesia and intensive care.

Big Data and Better Ageing Research Group

Using big data to help understand, model and manage ageing and health.

Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre (C4)

A single regional entity focused on all clinical, research and allied cancer care activities.

Canterbury Rheumatology and Immunology Research Group

Undertakes research in the broad field of rheumatic diseases.

Carney Centre for Pharmacogenomics

Translational pharmacogenomics research from molecule to bedside.

Centre for Redox Biology and Medicine

Internationally-recognised leader in exploring the biology of free radicals and antioxidants.

Christchurch Health and Development Study

Longitudinal study of a group of 1,265 children born in Christchurch during mid-1977.

Christchurch Heart Institute

Focused on research to improve the diagnosis, prediction and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Clinical Pharmacology Research Group

Researching the clinical application of pharmacology knowledge.

CReaTE Group

Investigating new techniques and technologies for engineering complex 3D biological tissues.

G to L research groups

Gastrointestinal Unit for Translational Studies (GUTS)

Improving digestive health by combining clinical and basic research.

Gene Structure and Function Laboratory

Exploring genetic influences on health and disease.

General Practice Research Group

Clinical research including rational use of medicines and innovative models of primary care.

Gynaecological Cancer Research Group

Research addressing the mechanisms of gynaecologic cancer and exploring novel treatments.

Haematology Research Group

Immunobiology of cancer and leukaemia and developing better methods for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant disease.

The Infection Group

Reducing the burden of infectious diseases through applied research.

Inflammation Research Group

Investigating the role of inflammatory mediators in the pathogenesis of different inflammatory conditions.

Laboratory for Cell and Protein Regulation

Researching endocrine regulation of reproduction, female fertility, assessment of fetal welfare and gynaecological cancer.

Light Activated Biomaterials Group (LAB)

Design and development of new biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

M to N research groups

Mackenzie Cancer Research Group

Investigating human cancer in order to tailor both preventative and therapeutic options to individuals.

Māori Indigenous Health Innovation (MIHI)

Study of Māori health inequities and provides solutions that contribute to Māori health advancement.

MARS Group

World leader in spectral x-ray technology for molecular imaging of pre-clinical models of disease.

Maternal and Fetal Health

Research covers both maternal and fetal health and outcomes.

Mental Health Research

Study of new treatments to improve outcomes for people with serious mental health disorders.

Multiple Sclerosis Research Group

Collaboration of neurologists and researchers working at Christchurch Hospital and the Universities of Otago and Canterbury.

National Addiction Centre

Dedicated to developing and promoting effective interventions for people with addiction and co-existing disorders.

New Zealand Brain Research Institute

Researching sophisticated technologies to push back the boundaries of knowledge in brain disorders.

Nursing Research

Research that advances nursing practice and improves health outcomes for patients nationally and internationally.

Nutrition in Medicine Research Group

Improving patient health outcomes with bench-to-bedside nutrient research.

O to S research groups

Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine

Improving tissue regeneration and engineering in the musculoskeletal system and clinical outcomes including rehabilitation for musculoskeletal conditions.

Paediatric Research Group

Interests in paediatric urology especially reflux, community child health, SIDS, and neonatal research.

Public Health Research

Research draws from a broad range of disciplines, all of which are essential to addressing public health issues.

Rural Health Academic Centre, Ashburton

Focuses on rurally relevant and inter-professional research, education, clinical skills, and simulation training.

Surgery Research

Expertise in clinically-based research, as well as translational research from laboratory-based research programmes.

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