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The Children's Issues Centre works collaboratively with a range of researchers, academics, professionals and practitioners within the University of Otago, New Zealand and internationally.

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'Children and Young People as Social Actors' Research Cluster

University of Otago Division of Humanities research clusters provide a supportive and stimulating collegial context for researchers, postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows working on topics of common or related interest. The Cluster was established in 2003 by the then Director of the Children's Issues Centre, Professor Anne Smith, and is administered through the Children's Issues Centre and co-ordinated by Dr Megan Gollop.

The well-being and rights of children and young people are the focus of the research cluster. Children's voice and the extent to which it is heard and acted upon in families, the legal, health, social welfare and education systems is a key theme of the Cluster's research interests. The Cluster is committed to understanding children's experiences and conducting research that includes and values children and young people's perspectives. Central to this are research approaches and methods that enhance children and young people's participation and respect their rights throughout the research process. The Cluster has a cross-disciplinary membership of around 25 researchers and academics.

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