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Study Tourism at Otago

Tourism at Otago goes beyond conventional thinking and explores all aspects of the industry.

Focusing on local and international perspectives you will understand the big picture as well as the day-to-day operations. Study tourism at Otago and you’ll be immersed in a rich, multicultural environment.

You’ll be all set to really discover what the world has to offer. Be a part of the future of tourism in New Zealand and shape the international stage.

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Why study Tourism?

The tourism sector offers you the opportunity to drive change and innovation, while focusing on sustainable practices and mutual benefit for local communities. It is as dynamic as it is diverse. Tourism is a critical element of the New Zealand economy and has been earmarked by the Prime Minister as a key sector of the economy that continues to play a leading role in New Zealand's economic development. It is about unlocking the potential of tourism places, managing natural and built resources, understanding heritage and cultural issues, developing events and co-creating experiences that leave a lasting impression on locals and visitors alike.

The study of tourism is about understanding tourism and hospitality, and being well placed to manage tourism – be it at the level of business, destination or government – for sustained success. Tourism is also about practical things like hospitality, planning, managing and marketing. Being part of the Bachelor of Commerce, you will gain solid skills in business alongside knowledge of the societal and environmental implications of tourism. By the end of your degree, you'll enter a resilient industry with multiple dynamic opportunities for graduates.

Career opportunities

The industry needs motivated, educated people who understand the wider environmental, social and economic issues affecting tourism businesses. With the broad business education gained by Otago graduates, your opportunities are global.

Areas you can work in include:

  • Adventure tourism
  • Customer relations
  • Events and conference co-ordination
  • Heritage, museums, art galleries
  • Hotel management
  • Regional and government tourism organisations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Visitor services

Background required

There are no formal prerequisites needed to study tourism at 100-level. However English, geography and tourism at secondary school (NCEA) are useful background subjects. Tourism is for those passionate about understanding the links between people, travel, the environment and society.


Tourism as a minor subject for a BA, MusB, BPA, BTheol, BSc, BCom, BEntr, BHealSc, BACom, BASc or BComSc degree

Available as a minor subject for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (MusB), Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA), Bachelor of Theology (BTheol), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntr), Bachelor of Health Science (BHealSc), Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BACom), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) or Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BComSc) degree


TOUR 101 Introduction to Tourism


Above 100-level

TOUR 219 Destination Management

Three of:
TOUR 216 Sport Tourism
TOUR 217 Tourist Behaviour
TOUR 218 Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise Management
TOUR 301 Cultural and Heritage Tourism
TOUR 305 Tourism Product Development
TOUR 306 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
TOUR 310 Leisure: Lives and Societies
TOUR 350 Special Topic
TOUR 351 Special Topic

including at least one 300-level paper



Total 90

TOUR papers

Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
TOUR101 2024 Introduction to Tourism 18 Semester 1, Semester 2, Summer School
TOUR102 2024 Global Tourism 18 Semester 2, Summer School
TOUR103 2024 Introduction to Hospitality 18 Not offered in 2024
TOUR214 2024 Introduction to Wine Business 18 Not offered in 2024
TOUR216 2024 Sport Tourism 18 Semester 1
TOUR217 2024 Tourist Behaviour 18 Semester 2
TOUR218 2024 Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise Management 18 Semester 2
TOUR219 2024 Destination Management 18 Semester 1
TOUR221 2024 Special Topic 18 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2026
TOUR301 2024 Cultural and Heritage Tourism 18 Semester 1
TOUR303 2024 Tourist Accommodation Management 18 Not offered in 2024
TOUR304 2024 Event and Conventions Management 18 Semester 2
TOUR305 2024 Tourism Product Development 18 Semester 2
TOUR306 2024 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development 18 Semester 1
TOUR310 2024 Leisure: Lives and Societies 18 Summer School
TOUR350 2024 Special Topic: Heritage Interpretation in the Digital Age 18 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2026
TOUR351 2024 Special Topic 18 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2026
TOUR411 2024 Tourist Culture 20 Semester 1
TOUR416 2024 Tourism Entrepreneurship and Business 20 Not offered in 2024
TOUR418 2024 Tourism Destination Development 20 Semester 1
TOUR420 2024 Special Topic 20 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2026
TOUR421 2024 Special Topic: Global Hospitality Operations 20 Not offered, expected to be offered in 2026
TOUR422 2024 Tourism and Global Environmental Change 20 Semester 2
TOUR423 2024 Advanced Tourism Concepts 20 Semester 1
TOUR424 2024 Tourism Methods and Analysis 20 Semester 2
TOUR426 2024 Event Management 20 Semester 2
TOUR427 2024 Tourism and Development Ethnographic Field School 20 Not offered in 2024
TOUR480 2024 Dissertation 40 Not offered in 2024
TOUR590 2024 Research Dissertation 60 Semester 1, Semester 2, 1st Non standard period

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