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Study Radiation Therapy at Otago

Medical xray


Wellington Campus

Are you attracted to a scientific discipline, willing to accept responsibility and keen to work as part of a team of skilled professionals treating and curing patients?

The three-year Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT) qualifies you as a radiation therapist able to use radiation to treat disease with minimum supervision from radiation oncologists. The qualification incorporates theory components at the University of Otago, Wellington; and practical components at radiation oncology departments in New Zealand and Australia. In addition, students complete work experience in radiation oncology departments during many of the academic breaks. This work experience is a course requirement for the programme.

Applications for entry to the 2021 Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT) programme will open on 1 August each year.

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Career opportunities

Graduates may apply for registration with the Medical Radiation Technologists’ Board (MRTB) and work in departments of radiation oncology in Auckland, Hamilton (Waikato), Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Overseas opportunities exist particularly in Australia, Canada and England.

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Entry requirements

1. The Radiation Therapy Admissions Committee shall consider applications from candidates in the following categories:

  • Admission with secondary school qualification
  • Admission with one year of university study
  • Admission with two or more years of university study
  • Admission as a graduate
  • Admission with alternative qualifications and/or experience

2. Demonstration of suitability to the profession by interview:

  • Selection for interview is based on academic performance, to a standard determined by the Radiation Therapy Admissions Committee
  • In preparation for the interview, it is strongly recommended that all applicants visit a radiation oncology department

Student numbers will be limited due to the availability of clinical placements.

Refer to Radiation Therapy Admission Guidelines at

Māori and New Zealand Resident Indigenous Pacific Origins (NZRIPO) applicants

The Division of Health Sciences is actively seeking to recruit Māori and/or Pacific origin students for Radiation Therapy. Therefore, students who are of Māori and/or Pacific origin may have this fact taken into consideration along with their application by completing Form A (Māori) or Form B (NZRIPO).

Upon acceptance into the programme applicants will usually be offered a clinical placement from one of the hospitals taking part in the programme to ensure access to clinical training. A current approved comprehensive first aid certificate is required on entry to the programme. Applications for admission must be made to the Health Sciences Admissions Office by 15 September of the preceding year.

100-level papers

The Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT) is a professional course and all papers are compulsory.
Subject areas include:

  • Radiation Therapy Practice
  • Anatomy and Imaging
  • Health and Human Behaviour
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Radiation Technology
  • Radiation Therapy and Oncology
  • Radiation Therapy Planning Concepts

200- and 300-level papers cover Radiation Therapy Practice, Radiation Technology, Radiation Therapy and Oncology, Radiation Therapy Planning Concepts, Advanced Healthcare Communication, Principles of Research, Literature Analysis, and Professional Development.

Health and conduct

The Division of Health Sciences requires all applicants applying for any of its health professional programmes to declare any criminal or disciplinary charges they have faced, or are facing, and any health status issues which could a ect their participation in clinical aspects of the programme or their overall fitness to practise.

Contact the Health Sciences Admissions Office for information.

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 is aimed at providing better protection for vulnerable children. One of the ways it aims to do this is by introducing 'safety checking'. Applicants who enter the programme will receive further information regarding the timing of these checks.

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Contact details

Department of Radiation Therapy
University of Otago, Wellington
University of Otago
PO Box 7343
Wellington 6242
Tel +64 4 385 5475

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See the full list of Radiation Therapy (RADT) papers.

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Programme requirements

Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT)

Year Papers Points
1st year

RADT 121  Radiation Therapy Practice

RADT 122  Anatomy and Imaging

RADT 123  Radiation Therapy and Oncology 1

RADT 124  Radiation Therapy Planning Concepts 1

RADT 125  Healthcare Communication

RADT 126  Health and Human Behaviour

RADT 127  Radiation Technology 1








2nd year

RADT 211  Radiation Therapy Practice II

RADT 212  Principles of Research

RADT 213  Advanced Healthcare Communication

RADT 214  Radiation Technology II

RADT 215  Radiation Therapy and Oncology II

RADT 216  Radiation Therapy Planning Concepts II







3rd year

RADT 311  Radiation Therapy Practice III

RADT 312  Literature Analysis

RADT 313  Professional Development

RADT 314  Radiation Therapy and Oncology III

RADT 315  Radiation Therapy Planning Concepts III






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Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc) in Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice

Not offered in 2020


Two of:

  • RADT 401 Applied Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice
  • RADT 402 Patient Centred Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice
  • RADT 403 Brachytherapy Principles and Practice

The Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc) endorsed in Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice is available through Distance Learning.

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