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Endodontics graduates

Humza Ahmed

Humza Ahmed“Undertaking a DClinDent in endodontics has allowed me to have a much more in-depth understanding of endodontics. This has greatly influenced the way I practise dentistry, as it has allowed me to limit my practice of dentistry to endodontics.

“As I learned to use new materials and technology, I was able to implement their use into my clinical practice of endodontics. This was only possible through postgraduate studies.”

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Nina Scott

Nina Scott“Postgraduate study has enriched my working life. Obviously I have a much deeper understanding of my field, which brings more satisfaction, but I also have the skills to critically evaluate others' research and draw my own conclusions.

“At the moment I work as a clinician, but I know in the future if I wanted to branch out into other non-clinical aspects of dentistry, my postgraduate training will provide more opportunities.”

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Oral Medicine graduates

Guangzho (Simon) Guan

Simon Guan (2019)“I graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB), and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent) at the University of Otago. It was my intention to do further study in Oral Medicine after gaining a few years working experience, and Dunedin Dental School's reputation as New Zealand's centre of excellence for dental treatment was a major in motivating my application in DClinDent.

“Oral medicine is the non-surgical management of head and neck diseases. During the three years' study of DClinDent (Oral Medicine), I found the variety of work and the atmosphere of the dental hospital to be challenging and exciting, and this had reinforced my ambition to pursue a hospital-based career.”

Oral Pathology graduates

Elizabeth Tauati-Williams

Elizabeth Tauati-Williams (2020)“The clinical component allowed me to correlate relevant clinical histories and other special investigations with the histology of oral lesions and other head and neck pathologies in order to formulate a definitive diagnosis.

“This logical and collaborative diagnostic process together with the expert supervision by Oral Pathology Centre academic staff has allowed me to work confidently in diagnosing oral diseases in my current workplace in Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital in Samoa.”

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Izyyan (2020)“The doctorate program in Oral Pathology offered by Otago has been a very exciting, yet challenging journey for myself.

“The huge number of biopsy samples received in Oral Pathology Centre each year has given enough exposure for each student to familiarise themselves with the variety of diseases within the oral cavity, and as a result to master the disease pathology by the end of this course.”

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Paediatric Dentistry graduates

Yvonne Golpak

“I was able to come to New Zealand because I was able to acquire a New Zealand Scholarship. But even if there were a couple of other countries to choose from, I would still choose to come to the University of Otago to study. I find New Zealanders/Kiwi people in my country to be polite and friendly.

“Another reason for coming to University of Otago is that the University is ranked in the top 50 in the world. Testimonials from International students in the University of Otago website speak highly of the study environment and student support.”

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Prosthodontics graduates

Dr Dhrupad Siddhanta

Dhrupad Siddhanta image“My postgraduate journey was exciting, challenging, inspiring and life-changing all at the same time. The staff and fellow postgraduates were always keen to help you navigate the system and there was a sense of being “on a mission” throughout my postgraduate training”

“There is a fundamental upgrade in mindset and confidence that comes with postgraduate training. I am constantly motivated to improve, educate and innovate. The overarching emphasis on evidence-based decision making during postgraduate training gets well and truly ingrained in you and ultimately makes you a more mature clinician.”

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Dr Adeline Chai

Adeline Chai image“My postgraduate training has allowed me to view patients with a different perspective and provide comprehensive care for my patients. I have also learnt to communicate and work closely with other specialists.”

“The Otago Faculty of Dentistry has strong academic and research reputations. The teaching staff at the Department of Oral Rehabilitation consists of experienced and highly qualified clinicians and specialists. On top of that, I enjoy living and studying in Dunedin.”

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Abdelrahman Badarneh

Abdelrahman Badarneh image“Prosthodontics is a perfect match for my skills and personality. I always loved to restore broken things, solve problems, think laterally and be creative. In addition, compared to other specialties, Prosthodontics gives you the chance to develop that long-term relationship with your patients, follow up your work over long term, and learn new things every day.”

“The DClinDent programme has improved the way I approach patients, plan treatment, make clinical decisions, execute treatment, follow up and learn from my mistakes.”

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