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“I came from Malaysia and undertook the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Pathology) at University of Otago after being awarded the scholarship from Malaysia's Ministry of Higher Education.

“The doctorate program in Oral Pathology offered by Otago has been a very exciting, yet challenging journey for myself. The huge number of biopsy samples received in Oral Pathology Centre each year has given enough exposure for each student to familiarise themselves with the variety of diseases within the oral cavity, and as a result to master the disease pathology by the end of this course.

“The high-tech facilities which are available in Oral Pathology Centre lab have also aided the students in their respected research fields, while at the same time also gives the students the opportunity to be skillful with the laboratory techniques under the guidance of New Zealand's esteemed Oral Pathologists.

“The training that I received in Otago have equipped me with enough knowledge and competence, for me to return to my home country as a lecturer and specialist in the field of oral pathology.”

Izyyan (2020)
Dr Izyan.

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