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Benefits of wholegrains

Wholegrain foods are widely recommended as part of a healthy diet as they are high in nutrients and dietary fibre. However, wholegrains in the food supply are changing towards being heavily processed, and we are uncertain what this does to the health attributes of these complex carbohydrates.

Does processing of wholegrains affect their health benefits?

The Whole Grains for Health research trial is being conducted to consider the role of wholegrain processing on the blood glucose control of adults with type 2 diabetes. Previous research has shown that wholegrain foods improve blood glucose control, but we want to know if processing the wholegrains changes that.

Are you eligible to join the study?

We aim to have 160 people in this study. You could be eligible to join if you:

  • have type 2 diabetes,
  • are aged 18–80,
  • live in Otago, Canterbury or Southland and;
  • can replace the grain foods you eat with the wholegrains we provide for 12 weeks.

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