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The Riddet Institute is one of ten National Centres of Research Excellence or CoREs. EDOR researchers work with the Riddet Institute on topics related to food and human health.

EDOR member involvement

Jim Mann new tnProfessor Jim Mann
CoRE Principal Investigator

Gerald Tannock tnProfessor Gerald Tannock
CoRE Principal Investigator

Lisa in bookshop tnAssociate Professor Lisa Te Morenga
CoRE Principal Investigator
Research Leadership group member

Dr Andrew Reynolds thumbnailDr Andrew Reynolds
CoRE Associate Investigator

EDOR student involvement

EDOR/Riddet projects

Riddet tn

Joint Public Event

Focus on Fibre and Food Monitoring symposium, 11-12 February, 2019, Otago Museum, Dunedin.

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