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close up picture of student notesIf you experience difficulty taking your own notes, there may be other options available to you. Your lecturer may be able to provide you with copies of notes or they may be available through Blackboard (the University's online learning management system). If these options are unavailable, contact Disability Information & Support who may be able to organise note-taking support that will meet your needs.

Peer note-taking

Peer note-taking is provided by students who are also enrolled in the paper that notes are requested in. Disability Information & Support purchases copies of these notes, usually handwritten, and makes them available to the student who has requested them.

Electronic note-taking

Electronic note-taking provides live access and a typed record of lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratories. This type of note-taking may be suitable for students who have a significant sight or hearing impairment, use a screen reader, or who identify as being deaf.

Applying for note-taking

Check with the departments you are studying in to ensure notes are not available elsewhere. This should be undertaken prior to your appointment with a Student Advisor at Disability Information & Support.

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