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Accessible venues

If you have particular mobility requirements and need to have your lectures and tutorials scheduled into accessible room, please let us know prior to the beginning of the academic year. This will enable us to ensure your needs are met. For more information contact a Student Advisor at Disability Information & Support

Mobility parking

If you require parking that is conveniently close to lecture theatres or other university buildings across the Dunedin campus, we have several on-campus accessible parking spaces. These spaces are available for students who have been issued with a Disability Information & Support Mobility Permit.

Medical documentation

If you wish to apply for on-campus mobility parking, please provide documentation from a relevant health professional or specialist, or your current CCS Operation Mobility Card

Applying for an on-campus mobility parking permit

Please meet with a Student Advisor at Disability Information & Support. Please bring to the meeting details of you car; e.g. colour, make, model, and registration. You will also need to present your driver's licence.

CCS Operational Mobility Cards are not sufficient to use in on-campus mobility parking spaces. If you use an on-campus mobility car park without displaying an appropriate Disability Information & Support Mobility Parking Permit, you will be towed away at your own expense.

Dunedin City Council mobility parks

There are a number of Dunedin City Council mobility parks located in the streets around the Dunedin campus. For information on the DCC's mobility parking scheme and the whereabouts of these parks please view the Dunedin City Council Mobility Scheme website.

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