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Economics at Otago is proud to host our departmental seminar series for 2016

Presenters include staff from the Department of Economics and other faculties, as well as scholars visiting from other universities.

Everyone is welcome!

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the seminar coordinator:

All Seminars are in our Economics Seminar Room 320, Level 3, Otago Business School
Time: 3 – 4.30pm

Semester 2

Friday 8 July
Yoshihiko Fukushima, Waseda University, Japan
"Rents, Corruption and Labour Market"

Friday 15 July
John Gibson, University of Waikato
"Measuring Chronic Hunger from Diet Snapshots: "Why 'Bottom up' Survey Counts and 'Top down' FAO Estimates Will Never Meet"

Friday 29 July
Robert Kirkby, Victoria University
"The US Experience with 'r-g' and Wealth inequality, and the role of Income Risk?

Friday 12 August
Fang Yao, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
"Monetary Policy and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Sticky-Price Models"

Friday 19 August
Harold Cuffe, Victoria University Wellington
"Rain and Museum Attendance: Is Daily Data Fine Enough?"

Friday 26 August
Dennis Wesselbaum, University of Otago
"Central Bank Communication and Social Media #FED"

Friday 9 September
Ozer Karagedikli, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
“International spill-overs of uncertainty shocks: Evidence from a FAVAR”

MONDAY 12 September at 12pm
Franziska Tausch, Max Planck Institute on Collective Goods
"Institutional Endogeneity and Third-Party Punishment in Social Dilemmas"

Friday 23 September
Alfred Haug, University of Otago
“What are the effects of oil price shocks on the real exchange rates of oil exporting countries? A nonlinear smooth-transition approach”

Friday 30 September
Corey Allen, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
“Money, sunshine, and rain: Exploring the drivers of rural land values in New Zealand over time and space”

MONDAY 3 October at 12pm
Murat Ungor, University of Otago
"Total Factor Productivity Levels: Some Anomalies in Penn World Tables"

Friday 7 October
Viktoria Kahui, University of Otago
"The modern hunter as optimal forager: Alligator harvest in Florida"

Semester 1

Friday 19 February
Pike Brown, Landcare
"Natural Disasters, Risk-Sharing, and Subjective Expectations of future Losses in Fiji"

Monday 22 February, Note time: 12-12.50pm
Andrew Coleman, University of Otago
"Production, sales, and the aggregate distribution of factor incomes: a note"

Friday 26 February
Kenny Bell, University of California, Berkley
"Empirical estimation of the effect of weather on dairy production and quality"

Friday 11 March
Steffen Lippert, University of Auckland
“Attack, Defence and the Market for Protection”

Monday14 March, Note time: 12-12.50pm
Aaron Smith, Erskine Fellow
“The Incentive to Overinvest in Energy Efficiency: Evidence From Hourly Smart-Meter Data"

Friday 18 March
Kynda Curtis, Utah State University
"Food Consumption, Attitude, and Behavioral Change among CSA Members"

Monday 4 April, Note time: 12-12.50pm
Mariah Ehmke, University of Wyoming
"Familial Altruistic Preferences Influence on Infant Health Outcomes"

Friday 8 April
Michael J Roberts, University of Hawaii
“Commodity Prices and Volatility in Response to Anticipated Climate Change”

Monday 18 April, Note time: 12-12.50pm
Dennis Wesselbaum, University of Otago
"Delays in Public Goods"

Friday 29 April
Jan Feld, Victoria University of Wellington
"Gender Peer Effects in Higher Education"

Friday 20 May
Daniel Gregg, University of Waikato
“Market integration, risk aversion and correlation aversion over fodder inputs from common pool resources: A field experiment with poor Rajasthan livestock farmers”

Friday 27 May
Bernd Hayo, Marburg Center for Institutional Economics
"Central bank communication in the eyes of financial market participants"

Monday 30 May, Note time: 12.-12.50pm
Lilla Csorgo, Commerce Commission
"Four Troublesome Competition Economic Issues: punishment in other markets; lessenings of competition for manufacturers versus resellers; conglomerate mergers; and profit satisficing"

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