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The Department of Economics hosted a range of in-house seminars in 2014. Please see the full list of seminars below for more details.

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Semester 2

Date: 18 July
Presenter: Alfred Haug, University of Otago
Topic: "Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an SVAR for a Small Open Economy (Poland)"

Date: 25 July
Presenter: Seamus Hogan, University of Canterbury
Topic: “An analysis of the toss decision in ODI cricket: Are economists smarter than international cricket captains?”

Date: 11 August
Presenter: Martin Huber, University of St Gallen, Switzerland
Topic: "Why do tougher caseworkers increase employment? The role of programme assignment as a causal mechanism"
Read the paper

Date: 15 August
Presenter: Regina Riphahn, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Topic: "Paternal unemployment during childhood: causal effects on youth worklessness and educational attainment"

Date: 22 August
Presenter: Andrew Coleman, University of Otago
Topic: "When I'm 64 – What do New Zealanders want from their retirement income policies?"

Date: 5 September
Presenter: Kelvin Seah, University of Otago
Topic: “The Peer Effects of Immigrants in Australian, Canadian, and American Schools”

Date: 12 September
Presenter: Harold Cuffe, Victoria University of Wellington
Topic: “Too Busy for School? The Effect of Athletic Participation on Absenteeism”

Date: 19 September
Presenter: Dan Marsh, University of Waikato
Topic: “An experimental approach to assessment of trading and allocation mechanisms for nutrient trading”

Date: 26 September
Presenter: Richard Froyen, University of North Carolina
Topic: "A Century and Three-Quarters of the Bank Rate and Long-term Interest Rates in the United Kingdom."
Read paper (PDF, 683KB).

Date: 10 October
Presenter: Saten Kumar, AUT University
Topic: 'Firms' Inflation Expectations: New Survey Evidence'

Date: 17 October
Presenter: Michael Cameron, University of Waikato
Topic: "Alcohol Outlet Density, Competition, and Alcohol-related Harm"

Date: 20 October
Presenter: Michael Plank, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Balanced harvesting: a lesson for the west from small-scale fisheries"

Date: 24 October
Presenter: Brendan Moyle, Massey University, Auckland
Topic: "The Raw and the Carved" and "Dirty Laundry"

Date: 28 October
Presenter: John Whalley, visiting William Evans Fellow
Topic: "Numerical General Equilibrium Analysis of China's Impacts from Possible Mega Trade Deals"
Read this paper (PDF, 1,219KB).

Date: 31 October
Presenter: Martin Berka, Victoria University of Wellington
Topic: "Real Exchange Rates and Sectoral Productivity in the Eurozone"
Read paper (PDF, 993KB).

Date: 10 November
Presenter: Timo Terasvirta, Aarhus University
Topic: "Specification, estimation and evaluation of vector smooth transition autoregressive models with applications"

Date: 21 November
Presenter: Jan Feld, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Topic: “Understanding Peer Effects – On the Nature, Estimation and Channels of Peer Effects”
Read paper (PDF, 403KB).

Date: 8 December
Presenter: Guido Friebel, Goethe University Frankfurt
Topic: "Team incentives and performance: Evidence from a field experiment in a retail chain"

Brown Bag Seminar Series

The department also runs Brown Bag Seminars. View the current programme here.

Semester 1

Date: 21 February
Presenter: Steve Fazzari, Washington University in St Louis
Topic: "Inequality, the Great Recession and slow Recovery"
Read abstract

28 February
Presenter: Hodaka Morita, University of New South Wales
Topic: "Vertical learning alliances and partial equity ownership in the presence of performance spillovers"
Read paper (PDF, 141KB).

Date: 3 March
Presenter: Frank Stähler, University of Tübingen
Topic: "International competition with non-linear pricing"
Read paper (PDF, 255KB).

Date: 10 March
Presenter: Susan Olivia, Monash University/ University of Waikato
Topic: "Value-added from Space?"

Date: 14 March
Presenter: Lydia Cheung, AUT
Topic: “The Upward Pricing Pressure Test for Merger Analysis: An Empirical Examination”
Read paper (PDF, 737KB).

Date: 17 March
Presenter: Michael Lee, AgResearch
Topic: “Animal Breeding and Economics, an example from the NZ Sheep Industry”

Date: 21 March
Presenter: Joakim Westerlund, Deakin University, Melbourne
Topic: “A Factor Analytical Method to Interactive Effects Dynamic Panel Models with or without Unit Root”
Read paper (PDF, 210KB).

Date: 28 March
Presenter: Maroš Servátka, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Investment in Outside Options and Other-regarding Behavior: An Experimental Investigation"

Date: 31 March
Presenter: Praveen Thokala, University of Sheffield
Topic: "MCDA in health economics: The question is not whether but how to do it"
Read abstract (PDF, 47KB).

Date: 11 April
Presenter: John Spraggon, University of Massachusetts
Topic: "Price Controls and Banking in Emissions Trading: An Experimental Evaluation
Read paper (PDF, 1,827KB).

Date: 28 April
Presenter: Jeremy Clark, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Evaluating the Weights and Factors Used in the New Zealand School Decile Funding System"
Read paper (PDF, 251KB).

Date: 9 May
Presenter: James Key, University of Western Australia
Topic: "Hit or Miss? Test Taking Behavior in Multiple Choice Exams"
Read paper (PDF, 1,578KB).

Date: 12 May
Presenter: Uwe Dulleck, Queensland University of Technology
Topic: "Public Statements about Intended Behaviour: An Experimental Investigation"
Read paper (PDF, 622KB).

Date: 16 May
Presenter: Ray Rees, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
Topic: "Taxation, Inequality and Top Incomes"
Read paper (PDF, 275KB).

Date: 23 May
Presenter: Catherine De Fontenay, University of Melbourne
Topic: "Economic Geography and Crime"
Read paper (PDF, 199KB).

Date: 30 May
Presenter: Stephen Knowles, University of Otago
Topic: "Can you spare some change for charity? Experimental evidence on verbal cues and loose change effects in a dictator game"
Read paper (PDF, 646KB).

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