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The Department of Economics hosted a range of in-house seminars in 2010. Please see the full list of seminars below for more details.

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Semester 2

Date: 16 July
Presenter: Jacques Poot, University of Waikato
Topic: "Immigration and innovation in European regions" joint work with Ceren Ozgen and Peter Nijkamp
Read the paper (PDF, 1MB).

Date: 23 July
Presenter: Ron Oaxaca, University of Arizona
Topic: "Do You Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because You are a Woman or a White? An Economic Analysis of Federal Criminal Sentencing Guidelines"
Read the paper (PDF, 304KB).

Date: 30 July
Presenter: Steve Stillman, MOTU
Topic: "Homeownership, Social Capital and Parental Voice in Schooling"

Date: 13 August
Presenter: Andrea Menclova, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Midwifery in New Zealand: Government Policies, Provider Choice, and Health Outcomes"

Date: 20 August
Presenter: Kuntal Das, Canterbury University
Topic: "Do Sovereign Credit Ratings Affect the Composition and Maturity of Sovereign Debt?"
Read the paper (PDF, 536KB).

Date: 10 September

Presenter: Ping Yu, University of Auckland
Topic: "The Bootstrap in Threshold Regression"
Read the paper (PDF, 504KB).

Date: 13 September
Presenter: Emmanuel De Veirman, Reserve Bank Of New Zealand
Topic: "Estimating the Effects of Permanent Oil Price Shocks Consistent with Optimal Factor Allocation"

Date: 17 September
Presenter: Jon Klick, University of Pennsylvania (visiting Canterbury University)
Topic: "The Effect of Abortion Liberalization on Sexual Behavior: International Evidence"
Read the paper (PDF, 334KB).

Date: 24 September
Presenter: Sholeh Maani, University of Auckland
Topic: "How important are omitted variables, Censoring and self-selection in analysing high-school academic achievement?"

Date: 8 October
Presenter: Ananish Chaudhuri, Auckland University
Topics: "Does strategic play explain the decay in voluntary contributions to a public good? Some experimental evidence"
Read the paper (PDF, 523KB).

Date: 15 October

Presenter: Alfred Guender, University of Canterbury
Topic: "Instrument vs Target Rules under CPI Inflation Targeting: An Appraisal"

Date: 1 November
Presenter: Devashish Mitra, Syracuse University
Topic: "Trade Liberalization and Unemployment: Theory and Evidence from India" (with Rana Hasan, Priya Ranjan and Reshad Ahsan)
Read the paper (PDF, 357KB).

Semester 1

Date: 12 March
Presenter: Ozer Karagedikli, RBNZ Auckland
Topic: "Does the Kiwi fly when the Kangaroo jumps? The effects of Australian macroeconomic news on the New Zealand dollar" (co-authored with Andrew Coleman)
Read the paper (PDF, 308KB).

Date: 19 March
Presenter: Juergen Meinecke, ANU Canberra
Topic: "Nonparametric bounds on returns to schooling: overcoming ability and selection bias"
Read the paper (PDF, 227KB).

Date: 26 March
Presenter: Rhema Vaithianathan, University of Auckland
Topic: "The optimality of no-fault Medical Liability Systems"

Date: 16 April
Presenter: John Gibson, University of Waikato
Topic: "The Economic Consequences of "Brain Drain" of the Best and Brightest: Microeconomic Evidence from Five Countries"
Read the paper (PDF, 604KB).

Date: 23 April
Presenter: Martin Berka, Massey University
Topic: "What Determines European Real Exchange Rates?"
Read the paper (PDF, 588KB).

Date: 30 April
Presenter: Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne
Topic: "Does part-time employment help or hinder lone mothers' movements into full-time employment?" (co-authored with Yin King Fok and Sung-Hee Jeon)
Read the paper (PDF, 134KB).

Date: 14 May

Presenter: Dean Hyslop, Victoria University
Topic: "Cyclical Earnings Variation and the Composition of Employment"
Read the Paper (PDF, 681KB).

Date: 21 May

Presenter: Dr Sayeeda Bano, University of Waikato
Topic: " Closer Economic Relation (CER) and Trade Intensities: Evidence from New Zealand"
Read the paper (PDF, 444KB).

Date: 28 May

Presenter: Viv Hall, Victoria University
Topic: "Unobserved components business cycles for New Zealand. What are they, and what might drive them?" co-authored with John McDermott
Read the paper (PDF, 465KB).

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