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The Department of Economics hosted a range of in-house seminars in 2011. Please see the full list of seminars below for more details.

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Semester 2

Date: 22 July
Presenter: Viktoria Kahui, University of Otago
Topic: "A bioeconomic model for Hooker's sea lion bycatch in New Zealand"
Read the paper (PDF, 441KB).

Date: 29 July
Presenter: Tim Cason, Purdue University
Topic: "Bidder Selection in Common Value Auctions"

Date: 12 August
Presenter: Otto Reich, Massey University
Topic: "Negotiating with Terrorists: The Costs of Compliance" (co-authored with E. Fees and K.P. Arin)
Read the paper (PDF, 250KB).

Date: 19 August
Presenter: Mathias Sinning, Australian National University
Topic: "There Goes the Neighborhood? People's Attitudes and the Effects of Immigration to Australia"
Read the paper (PDF, 887KB).

Date: 26 August
Presenter: Peter Robertson, University of Western Australia
Topic: "In China's Wake: Has Asia Gained from China's Growth?"
Read the paper (PDF, 170KB).

Date: 9 September
Presenter: Russell Hillberry, University of Melbourne
Topic: "What Triggers an Anti-Dumping Petition? Finding the Devil in the Detail"
Read the paper (PDF, 199KB).

Date: 16 September
Presenter: Andrew Coleman, University of Otago
Topic: "Uncovering uncovered interest parity during the classical gold standard era, 1888-1905
Read the paper (PDF, 272KB).

Date: 23 September
Presenter: Stefi Schurer, Victoria University
Topic: "Skills, practice style, or children: What explains the gender wage gap of GPs?" (joint with Daniel Kuehnle, Anthony Scott, and Terence Cheng)

Date: 30 September
Presenter: Steve Stillman, University of Otago
Topic: "Does Changing the Legal Drinking Age Influence Youth Behaviors?"
Read the abstract (PDF, 10KB).

Date: 7 October
Presenter: Sarah Baird, (George Washington University) & Berk Ozler (World Bank)
Topic: "Income Shocks and Adolescent Mental Health"
Read the paper (PDF, 1MB).

Date: 14 October
Presenter: John Gibson, University of Waikato
Topic: "Methods of Household Consumption Measurement through Surveys: Experimental Results from Tanzania"
Read the paper (PDF, 379KB).

Date: 28 October
Presenter: David Fielding, University of Otago
Topic: "Determinants of Relative Price Variability during a Recession: Evidence from Canada at the Time of the Great Depression"
Read the paper (PDF, 371KB).

Date: 11 November
Presenter: Trent Smith, University of Otago
Topic: "Obesity and Economic Insecurity"
Read the paper (PDF, 295KB).

Date: 18 November
Presenter: Ric Scarpa, University of Waikato
Topic: "The influence of individuals in forming collective household preferences for water quality"
Read the abstract (PDF, 13KB).

Date: 6 December
Presenter: Friedrich Schneider, Johannes Kepler University of Linz
Topic: "The size and development of the shadow economy of 162 countries"
Read the paper (PDF, 415KB).

Semester 1

Date: 14 March
Presenter: David Cashin, University of Michigan, currently visiting Victoria University in Wellington
Topic: "The Intertemporal Substitution and Income Effects of a VAT Rate Increase: Evidence from Japan"
Read the paper (PDF, 1.2MB).

Date: 18 March
Presenter: Alan Musgrave, Department of Philosophy, University of Otago
Topic: "Explanation versus Strict Empiricism in Science"

Date: 25 March
Director: Leo Krippner, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Topic: "A theoretical foundation for the Nelson and Siegel class of yield curve models, and an empirical application to U.S. yield curve dynamics"
Read the paper (PDF, 398KB).

Date: 8 April
Presenter: Lynda Sanderson, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Topic: "Any port in a storm? The impact of new port infrastructure on New Zealand exporter behaviour", with Richard Fabling, Arthur GrimesRead the paper (PDF, 637KB).

Date: 15 April
Presenter: Mary Hedges, University of Auckland
Topic: "Pre and post natal drivers of childhood intelligence: Evidence from Singapore"
Read the paper (PDF, 52KB).

Date: 13 May
Presenter: Steven Lim, Waikato University
Topic: "What can growth rates tell us? A decomposition method under growth instability"
Read the paper (PDF, 225KB).

Date: 20 May
Presenter: Dan Farhat, Department of Economics, University of Otago
Topic: "Bookworms versus Party Animals: An Artificial Labour Market with Human and Social Capital Accumulation"
Read the paper (PDF, 1MB).

Date: 27 May
Presenter: Steve Martin, Purdue University
Topic: "Leadership, Horizontal Integration, Bundling, and Market Performance in Price-Setting Markets: Integer Effects Matter", co-authored with Jan Vandekerckhove, University of Maastricht
Read the paper (PDF, 222KB).

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