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Why enrol for a DipGrad in Economics?

Studying for a Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) in Economics is a great way to retrain or to update your existing qualifications.

You may also find it a useful bridge to postgraduate study, or way to build on an existing minor in Economics without taking an entire second degree. The study programme can be tailored to suit your needs, but does require a prescribed number of points at each level.

What are the entry requirements for a DipGrad in Economics?

To enter the DipGrad in Economics programme, you will need to have a degree already, or have other appropriate training or experience. Please note that the DipGrad is not a postgraduate qualification, as it is comprised of undergraduate-level papers.

What is the structure of the DipGrad programme endorsed in Economics?

The papers to be included in your DipGrad are decided in consultation with the Programme Director and the departments concerned. Your DipGrad can be personalised to meet your individual requirements as long as it constitutes a coherent, integrated academic programme. All DipGrads must contain papers worth at least 120 points, of which at least 72 points must be for papers at or above 300-level. To be “endorsed” in Economics, 54 of these 72 points must be in ECON 300-level papers.

This programme may be completed by full-time candidates in one year or by part-time candidates over more than one year.

Read further general information on the Diploma for Graduates programme.

Please contact the Department, if you have questions about the DipGrad endorsed in Economics.

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