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The University of Otago facilitators have a sound knowledge of the Learning Progression Framework (LPFs) and are able to support teachers, curriculum leaders and schools in unpacking the 8 aspects given a big-picture view of progress in mathematics and statistics through the New Zealand Curriculum.

We can provide facilitation support for both primary and secondary teachers that might include aspects selected from:

  • Offering professional development in the teaching, learning and assessment of Mathematics and Statistics in Years 1–8 or Years 7–13
  • Extending content knowledge
  • Building pedagogical practice in the Mathematics and Statistics learning area that help students to learn and achieve
  • Promotion of cultural inclusiveness in teaching and learning environments of Mathematics and Statistics that model culturally responsive practices
  • Demonstrations of teaching Mathematics and Statistics
  • Acceleration of underachieving students in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Supporting PCT teachers effective practice
  • Building skills in ways of using data to improve learning and achievement in Mathematics and Statistics, particularly to identify at risk students
  • Tailoring programmes to meet the needs of these students
  • Supporting lead teachers/HoD to lead Mathematics and Statistics learning in their school
  • Helping teachers to inquire into their practice by using their knowledge, data and tools to identify teaching and learning needs
  • Evaluating the impact of an inquiry into practice
  • Identifying assessment processes which may better meet the needs of students
  • Reviewing department practices in secondary schools to ensure effective teaching and learning
  • Developing teachers' knowledge of Mathematical and Statistical literacy as well as processes and skills

This could be achieved through one day workshops, working in-depth with a team of teachers in a school, or with a group of schools as a cluster. The support may include regular visits to individual schools and teachers, observations, wananga each term to share progress of target students, as well as professional development with curriculum groups.

Accredited Facilitators

Years 1–8

Averil Lee (Christchurch based)

Tel +64 21 190 4065

Viv Thompson (Cromwell based)

Tel +64 21 141 6624

Years 7–13

Derek Smith (Wellington based)

Tel +64 21 913 150


None at this stage.

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