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Dr Simone Drichel

MA (Freiburg) PhD (Vic)

Phone +64 3 479 7474
Office 1S8
First Floor
Arts Building
Albany Street

Mail English & Linguistics
University of Otago
PO Box 56
New Zealand 9054


New Zealand and postcolonial literature, postcolonial theory, psychoanalysis, continental philosophy.


ENGL 242 Nation and Narration in New Zealand Literature
ENGL 332 Postcolonial Literatures
ENGL 353 Reading Minds: Literature and Psychology
ENGL 465 A Topic in New Zealand Literature: Janet Frame

Possible supervision

Topics in contemporary NZ and postcolonial writing, postcolonial theory, as well as theoretically driven topics in the areas of psychoanalysis, deconstruction, ethics and subjectivity.

Current research

Dr Simone Drichel lectures in New Zealand and postcolonial literature, as well as literature and psychology. She has research interests in continental philosophy, psychoanalysis and postcolonial theory, with a particular focus on questions of ethical subjectivity. Her work in these areas has appeared in various prominent journals, among them American Imago, Modern Fiction Studies, Philosophy & Social Criticism, SubStance and Textual Practice.

Her current research focuses on questions of vulnerability and relationality vis-à-vis narcissism: having edited a special issue on “Vulnerability” for SubStance in 2013, she is presently editing a special issue on “Relationality” for Angelaki, which will be published in 2019 and feature contributions drawn from the 2015 Postcolonial Studies Research Network event "Relationality: A Symposium."

Edited journals

Drichel, Simone (ed). Vulnerability. Spec. Issue of SubStance 42,3 (Dec. 2013).

Vulnerability cover copy

Edited books

Cronin, Jan and Simone Drichel (eds). Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2009.


Refereed journal articles

Drichel, Simone. “Emmanuel Levinas and the ‘spectre of masochism’: A Cross-Disciplinary Confusion of Tongues.Psychoanalysis, Self and Context 14,1 (2019): 3–22.

Drichel, Simone. “Refusals of Responsibility: A Response to Donna Orange and Robert Bernasconi.” Psychoanalysis, Self and Context 14,1 (2019): 36–52.

Drichel, Simone. "The Disaster of Colonial Narcissism." American Imago 75,3 (Fall 2018): 329–364.

Drichel, Simone. "Maurice Gee's 'anti-Cartesian meditations': Narcissism and Relational Trauma in Plumb." Textual Practice 2017. DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2017.1386708.

Drichel, Simone. "On Narcissism and 'Ethical Impairment': A Discussion of Gregory Rizzolo’s 'Alterity, Masochism, and Ethical Desire: A Kohutian Perspective on Levinas' Ethics of Responsibility for the Other.'" Psychoanalysis, Self and Context 12, 2 (2017): 122–130.

Drichel, Simone. "Cartesian Narcissism." American Imago 73,3 (Fall 2016): 239–274.

Drichel, Simone. "Reframing Vulnerability: 'so obviously the problem...'?" SubStance 42,3 (Dec 2013): 3-27.

Drichel, Simone. "Towards a 'radical acceptance of vulnerability': Postcolonialism and Deconstruction." SubStance 42,3 (Dec 2013): 46-66.

Drichel, Simone. "Face to Face with the Other Other: Levinas versus the Postcolonial." Levinas Studies: An Annual Review 7 (2012): 21-42.

Drichel, Simone. "The Time of Hybridity." Philosophy & Social Criticism 34,6 (July 2008): 387–615.

Drichel, Simone. "Regarding the Other: Postcolonial Violations and Ethical Resistance in Margaret Atwood's Bodily Harm." Levinas and Narrative. Spec. Issue of Modern Fiction Studies 54,1 (Spring 2008): 20–49.

Drichel, Simone. "Of Political Bottom Lines and Last Ethical Frontiers: The Politics and Ethics of 'the Other.'" borderlands e-journal 6,2 (October 2007).

Drichel, Simone. "From Sameness to Difference: Reclaiming Maori Identity in Patricia Grace's Mutuwhenua." antiTHESIS 10 (1999): 147-166.

Book Chapters

Drichel, Simone. "'a forgiveness that remakes the world': Trauma, Vulnerability, and Forgiveness in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas." Phenomenology and Forgiveness, edited by Marguerite La Caze. London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2018. 43–63.

Drichel, Simone. "Beyond Narcissism: Emmanuel Levinas and the 'wisdom of love.'" Can Philosophy Love? Reflections and Encounters, edited by Todd McGowan and Cindy Zeiher. London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2017. 281–295.

Drichel, Simone. "Disgrace." A Companion to the Works of J. M. Coetzee. Ed. Tim Mehigan. Rochester: Camden House, 2011. 154–78.

Drichel, Simone. "'Signposts to a world that is not even mentioned': Janet Frame’s Ethical Transcendence." Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame. Ed. Jan Cronin and Simone Drichel. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2009. 181–212.

Cronin, Jan and Simone Drichel. “Introduction.” Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame. Ed. Jan Cronin and Simone Drichel. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2009. ix–xxvii.

Drichel, Simone. “Explorations of 'Other' Identities in the Novels of Patricia Grace.” Compr(om)ising Post/colonialism(s): Challenging Narratives and Practices. Eds. Greg Ratcliffe and Gerry Turcotte. Sydney: Dangaroo Press, 2001. 207–16.


Drichel, Simone. "Politics of Transgression and Small Gestures." borderlands e-journal 12,2 (October 2013).

Drichel, Simone. "Slow Criticism: Responsibilities of Reading Well." borderlands e-journal 10,1 (May 2011).

Selected Recent Conference Presentations

2017 Drichel, Simone. “‘and already a bit in the ethical’: Emmanuel Levinas’s Ethics of Surrender.” Psychology and the Other Conference, Cambridge: Lesley University, 13–15 October 2017.

2017 Drichel, Simone. “Colonialism’s Relational Trauma.” From the Margins to the Centre: Contemporary Relational Perspectives. Sydney: International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP), 25–28 May 2017.

2016 Drichel, Simone. “Narcissism and Trauma.” Sydney School for Critical Social Thought, Sydney, Institute for Social Justice/Australian Catholic University, 16–29 May 2016.

2015 Drichel, Simone. “‘I am my own foundation’: Frantz Fanon’s Disavowed Cartesianism.” Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference, Sydney, University of New South Wales, 2–4 December 2015.

2015 Drichel, Simone. “Trust & Relationality.” Ethical Restoration after Oppressive Violence: A Multidisciplinary Roundtable on Maintaining and Restoring Trust. Brisbane: University of Queensland, 30 November 2015.

2015 Drichel, Simone. “Cartesian Narcissism.” Psychology and the Other Conference, Cambridge: Lesley University, 9–11 October 2015.

2015 Drichel, Simone. “‘Don’t we all live in mirrors, for ever?’ Narcissistic Imprisonment in Janet Frame’s The Carpathians. What [in the World] was Postmodernism Symposium. Dunedin: University of Otago, 3–5 June 2015.