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IPE online module

In December 2019, the IPE Centre launched an IPE module forming part of Otago's online Clinical Educator Programme (CEP). The module provides an accessible learning opportunity for academic and clinical staff already involved in IPE , or keen to understand more about it.

The CEP is facilitated by Education Advisers from the education unit of the Otago Medical School (Anthony Ali, Megan Anakin, Jon Cornwall and Tehmina Gladman). The course is an interactive resource which offers practical advice to support users in their teaching.

The IPE module – Module 5: Becoming an interprofessional education teacher – is designed to offer a learning experience that is:

  • Authentic and situated within the learner's own teaching context
  • Activity-based (rather than content-driven)
  • Reflective.

There are 6 topics:

  • What is IPE?
  • Interprofessional competencies
  • Planning an IPE learning activity
  • Administration, coordination, and technology
  • Facilitating an IPE class
  • Preparing your clinical workplace

The topics can be worked through in any order, although educators new to IPE - whether clinical or otherwise - may find it useful to complete the first two topics before the others. Each topic typically takes a user 30 minutes, depending on how many of the videos and links to additional resources are reviewed.

  • Access the module
  • Look for and select the CEP course
  • Create an x.Otago account by signing in – item 1
  • Sign in using your Otago login details, or your Gmail/LinkedIn login details
  • You will be directed back to fill in the required short form – item 2
  • Fill out the details and submit
  • Once your enrolment form has been submitted, you should have access to the site within an hour or so
  • You can then view the CEP and its component modules

We encourage anyone interested to take a look, and welcome your feedback and contributions.

For any difficulty logging into the IPE CEP module, contact:


For general comments or questions about the content of the IPE CEP module, contact:


IPE Centre Webinar Series

The IPE Centre introduced its Webinar Series from 2019 – we anticipate approximately 3 events per year.

Screetshot IPE Centre Webinar session, May 2020
Screenshot of the IPE Centre Webinar, May 2020.

Past webinars

Please enquire at if you wish to access a video recording:

How to join an IPE Centre webinar

The IPE Centre runs a Webinar Series: notices of upcoming events are sent out from time to time. People from around New Zealand (and elsewhere) can join the seminar from their desktop.

The first step to joining a webinar is to register in advance – the process is quick and easy, and sets you up for easy access on the day of the webinar.  We request that you please pre-register for your own convenience and ours.

Step 1

Register in advance for the webinar - the correct registration link will be provided in your email invitation.

Step 2

You will be directed to a Webinar Registration form: please enter brief required information, and submit (in under 2 minutes).

Step 3

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinars (you can join each webinar using the same link in your registration email). This email contains a webinar link unique to you, as well as a password*

*IMPORTANT: please keep your webinar link and password in a safe place so you can use them on the day of the webinar – e.g. pin the email to your electronic Calendar, or print and pin it to your desk diary*.

You can cancel your registration at any time.

Once registered, to view and hear a webinar from your PC, Mac, iPad or mobile device, please connect as follows:

Step 4

On the day of the webinar, about 10 minutes before it is due to start, please go to the unique link and password provided to you (see Step 3).

Step 5

You may like to test the setup in advance (e.g. the week/day before), to be sure you can connect from your location / from behind any firewall. You will need your unique link and password (see Step 3).

Step 6

You will find yourself in a webinar waiting room, and you will be admitted to the webinar by eConferencing, once the broadcast begins.

Step 7

You will then see the webinar layout, which will include 2 "Pods". One will show the powerpoint slides, one will show the video of the presenter. You will also be able to type in a message or question by using the Chat button on your Zoom ribbon.

Note: The webinar is run in watch-only mode: i.e. other people in the webinar audience will not be able to see or hear you.

If you have any technical issues that we are unable to respond to via the system, contact:

eConferencing Technical Support Team
Tel +64 3 479 5167, +64 3 479 8440 or +64 3 479 8997

You may also find it helpful to view Zoom help:
Zoom help blog

Subject to agreement by the presenter, we will keep a recording of each webinar and these will be posted on our website.

IPE Centre resources

IPE Centre documents you may find of interest are:

IPE Quality Framework


IPE Centre research

IPE evaluation template

The IPE Centre has developed a bank of IPE evaluation items intended to assist IPE teaching teams to evaluate IPE activities. The template aims to support comparable evaluation of IPE across the Division of Health Sciences. Some of the items can be customised as needed.

The IPE evaluation template is available and ready to use on Otago inFORM.

Step 1: Click on 'Staff'
Step 2: Click on 'Request Questionnaire'
Step 3: Enter your University of Otago login details at the prompt
Step 4: Click on 'Start New Blank Request'
Step 5: Scroll down and click on 'Health Science'
Step 6: Scroll down and click on 'Interprofessional Education'

Useful international IPE links

The following are links to webpages that we think are useful in providing more information on IPE :

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