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Information Science papers

The Department of Information Science has made changes to its undergraduate curriculum over the past two years. In 2018, various 300-level papers have been replaced.

Note: only INFO2xx papers are regarded as INFO 200-level papers (i.e. COMP210 does not count towards the INFO major).

100-Level Papers


BSNS112 Interpreting Business Data1 S1 S2
BSNS115 Accounting and Information Systems2 S1 S2
COMP101 Foundations of Information Systems SS S1 S2
COMP111 Information and Communication Technology SS S1 S2
COMP112 Web Development and Digital Media3 S1
COMP120 Practical  Data Science S1 S2
COMP150 Practical Programming3 S1
COMP160 General Programming3 SS S2

200-Level Papers

COMP210 Information Assurance S1 S2
COSC212 Advanced Web Development3 S2
FORS201 Analytical and Forensic Science S1
INFO201 Developing Information Systems 1 S1
INFO202 Developing Information Systems 2 S2
INFO203 Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience S1
INFO204 Introduction to Data Science S2
SURV208 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4 S1

300-Level Papers

INFO301 Applied Project S2
INFO302 Information  Systems Strategy and Governance S1
INFO303 Enterprise Information Systems Infrastructure S2
INFO304 Advanced Data Science S2
INFO305 Pervasive Computer & Interactive Technologies S2
INFO310 Software Project Management S1
INFO350 Special Topic (in conjunction with INFO410)
INFO390 Research Topics6
MART330 Special Topic: Integrated Digital Marketing5 S1

Postgraduate Papers

INFO407 Agent-Based Software Technologies S2
INFO408 Management of Large Scale Data S1
INFO410 Multimedia User Experience - Theory and Practice S1
INFO411 Machine Learning and Data Mining S2
INFO420 Statistical Techniques for Data Science7 S2
INFO424 Adaptive Business Intelligence S1
INFO490 Dissertation FY
INFO501 Applied Project FY
INFO580 Research Project FY
SENG490 Dissertation FY
TELE490 Dissertation

*SS: Summer School; S1: the First Semester; S2: the Second Semester; FY: Full Year paper.
1Coordinated by Economics
2Coordinated by Accountancy and Finance
3Coordinated by Computer Science
4Coordinated by School of Surveying
5Coordinated by Marketing
6Not offered in 2019
7Coordinated by Mathematics and Statistics