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Environments, Spaces and Transformations_Transformations_418
Image: 'The End is the Beginning', Renate Eichert

Environment and space are critically contested concepts for understanding contemporary societies, locally and globally, and scholars have assigned ever-shifting meanings and significations to them.

Environments evolve and transform, but what impact do they have on societies and cultures? Similarly, spaces continuously change, but how do they generate new identities and different relations between people and their socio-politico and economic environments? Additionally, transformations might refer to the production of space for inducing change, changing socio-cultural and economic practices, technological interventions in various environments, or progressive politics re-orienting deep-rooted social stratifications. In fact, recently emergent formations such as the green economy, spatial thinking, critical environmentalism, and new materialism, to name a few, continue to give rise to multi-faceted debates around environments, spaces and notions of transformation.

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