Air travel to Dunedin and airport transfers

Most international flights arrive in NZ at Auckland airport, but in some cases (in particular from Australia) Christchurch or Wellington airports. There are regular flights each day between Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch and Dunedin; Christchurch is the closest and typically offers the most frequent direct flights to/from Dunedin. Currently, the only direct international flights from Australia to Dunedin are from Brisbane.

Those of you considering some travel and sightseeing before or after the conference may also consider flights into (some direct from some Australian airports) Queenstown. (Buses are the only other form of transport connecting Dunedin with other centres; sorry, no rail.)

On arrival

Dunedin Airport is 28km from central Dunedin (30 mins Taxi to 45 - 60+ mins in Shuttle). Public transport to and from the airport is by taxi (approx NZ$100.00+) or by a door-to-door airport shuttle service (approx NZ$20.00-NZ$25.00). Rental cars are also available at the airport should you want to travel before or after the conference.

Airport transfers - registrants are advised to make their own arrangements and to speak to their accommodation venues about their airport transfers. Please have your flight number and departure time available for them.

Airport Shuttles

Shuttles are an affordable way to get to the city / Dunedin Airport, especially for the solo traveller. Each way will cost approximately $20 for a single and decreasing cost per head for groups (e.g. 2 in group = $18 per, 3 = $16, 4 = $15) and we strongly recommend that you book your shuttle in advance. (If you are in a group, some shuttles offer an express service which will speed up your transit time to that of a taxi.)

Airport Shuttles
Super Shuttle
Kiwi Shuttles

Taxi services

Taxi services will be a quicker with a direct ride to your destination, but it will cost you for the convenience.

Dunedin Taxis
United Taxis
City Taxis


Temperatures (might) reach 20–25°C in the summer months December to March, with cooler evenings. Dunedin has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, all of which often occur in the same day. As with most travel, ' layers' are the answer to packing, with something warm for the evening - just in case.

Check the Metservice website for quite accurate forecasts prior to your travel to help your planning.


Dunedin is a beautiful small city, located in the South Island of New Zealand. A true 'university town', it buzzes with student life and academic activity. It hosts a number of independent art galleries, bookshops and radical institutions. Alongside these cultural sites, Dunedin and its environs offers stunning opportunities for nature tourism and is a perfect taste of New Zealand's natural beauty. Tramping (hiking) tracks are within easy distance of the town, as is the striking Otago Peninsula, home to albatross colonies and rare penguin breeds.

Experience Dunedin

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