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Research Field Area of Expertise Contact Information
Nano-optics High-tech manufacturing Blaikie, R
Micro and nano-fabrication
Optics and lasers
Research management
Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Atomic physics Andersen, M
Single atom manipulation
Atomic interferometry
Pico-scale engineering
Optical instrumentation
Lasers Longdell, J
Optical instrumentation
Quantum mechanics
Quantum Theory and Optical Physics Ultra-cold atoms
Theoretical atomic and optical physics
Light scattering
Nonlinear optics
Computational physics
Computational physics Blakie, P Blair
Numerical methods
Bose-Einstein condensation
Optical lattices
Classical field theory
Ultra-cold fermi gases
Ultra-cold gases Bradley, A
Theoretical physics
Quantum vortices
Computational physics
Mathematical physics
Theoretical physics Hutchinson, D
Computational physics
Quantum field theory
Condensed matter physics
Ultracold atoms
Mathematical physics
Geophysics Sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic Langhorne, P
Polar oceans
Ice-ocean interaction
Van Allen radiation belts Rodger, C
Sun-earth coupling
Near-earth space and ionosphere
Long range lightning detection
High altitude lightning (eg. red sprites)
Electromagnetic remote sensing techniques
Upper atmosphere and ionosphere Thomson, N
Probing atmosphere by radio waves
Instrumentation and Inference Imaging and inference Fox, C
Building acoustics
Mathematical modelling
Electronics Molteno, T
Autonomous robotics
High performance computing (supercomputing)
Programmable logic
Electrosensory navigation in sharks
Energy Studies Energy efficient housing
Renewable energy systems
Oil depletion
Energy use in developing countries
Antarctic and Arctic ice-ocean interaction processes Smith, Inga
Polar and sub-Antarctic physical oceanography
Environmental physics
Stable isotopes
Greenhouse gas emissions from international transport
Energy use in buildings
Supercooling measurements
Combustion and gasification
Separation processes: distillation, absorption, extraction, adsorption
Drying processes
Coolers and heat pumps
Chemical and engineering thermodynamics
Fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Process modelling, simulation,and optimization
Renewable energy, biofuels
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