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Senior Lecturer

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Lab 533
Room 511
Phone numbers
7752 (Office)
64 3 479 7752 (Office Direct Dial)
7750 (Lab)
Research Group

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I have a Ph.D (Otago) in nonlinear dynamics and topological analysis of chaotic systems This was followed by postdoctoral work at the University of Toronto in nonlinear systems, including granular flow and spatio-temporal chaos. I then worked in Boston for Sapient Inc, a high-tech consulting firm, on large data systems for the oil and gas industry, and then for a startup on real-time analysis of video and images.

The main focus of my research is the development of new techniques for measurement, and the implementation of these techniques in novel devices that not only make new kinds of measurement, but also quantify the uncertainty in those measurements. Areas of expertise:

  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Radio Imaging Research
  • Agritech
  • Implanatable medical devices
  • Efficient embedded processing architectures
  • Numerical Electromagnetism (nec2++)
  • SympyTeX

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Ghosh, S., Human, R., Kuja, S., Smirnov, O., Molteno, T., & Okouma, P. (2023). Newly designed antenna platform for Transient Array Radio Telescope (TART). Proceedings of the International Microwave and Antenna Symposium (IMAS). (pp. 27-31). IEEE. doi: 10.1109/IMAS55807.2023.10066914

Molteno, T. C. A. (2022). Nature's wind turbines: The measured aerodynamic efficiency of spinning seeds approaches theoretical limits. Biomimetics, 7, 161. doi: 10.3390/biomimetics7040161

Jennings, M. J., Molteno, T. C. A., Walker, R. J., Bedford, J. J., Leader, J. P., & Poole, T. (2021). Transmission electron microscopy tilt-series data from in-situ chondrocyte primary cilia [Data descriptor]. Data, 6(11), 118. doi: 10.3390/data6110118

Cao, Z., Bryant, D., Molteno, T. C. A., Fox, C., & Parry, M. (2021). V-spline: An adaptive smoothing spline for trajectory reconstruction. Sensors, 21, 3215. doi: 10.3390/s21093215

Molteno, T. C. A., & Payne, K. W. (2021). FastFix albatross data: Snapshots of raw GPS L-1 data from Southern Royal Albatross. Data, 6(4), 37. doi: 10.3390/data6040037

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