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1. Check accuracy

The University has decided to move to online-only delivery of student evaluation questionnaires. When you order an online questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the questionnaire. Please check the administration dates and the questionnaire text for accuracy before it is due to be emailed to participants. Contact the Evaluation service if you need us to change anything.

2. Provide a distribution list

If, when ordering, you chose for us to use an 'evision list of students', then we have all that we need to administer the questionnaire online.

If, however, you chose to 'provide us with the student emails yourself', then you need to email each student's email address, first name, and surname in columns A to C of an Excel spreadsheet respectively. We cannot administer your online questionnaire without this list.

Be aware that we rely on the University email. In 2015, Microsoft blacklisted Otago University from their Hotmail and accounts (ITS Service Reference R65559). As such, we were unable to email questionnaires to certain domain names. So, please provide emails for students where possible.

3. What happens to the questionnaire

You can monitor the questionnaire's progress and, once completed, access a data summary from the 'Questionnaire Progress & Results' webpages in Otago inFORM.

  • You will receive an email notification when the questionnaire invite is emailed to students so that you can encourage participation.
  • Students, who have yet to complete the questionnaire, will receive a reminder email half way through the administration period. You will also receive an email notification that this reminder has been sent

4. Report

After the questionnaire has closed, the Evaluation service will release a data summary on Otago inFORM. We will also email you an official University report summarising the responses. This can take up to 2-3 weeks during busy times such as after each semester end.

If you need the report from your questionnaire urgently, notify the Evaluation service swiftly and we will do our best. Ideally, state the date you need the report in the 'Final notes? – anything else…' section when ordering using Otago inFORM.


To order a questionnaire:
Otago inFORM


Evaluation office
Tel 64 3 479 7581

The HEDC website has information on:

the Otago Teaching Profile
Peer review

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