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Request a questionnaire that will be delivered online to respondents

Order evaluation questionnaires using Otago inFORM. Log in with your University username and password. If you are unable to access Otago inFORM, contact the Evaluation office.

Student evaluation questionnaires can include up to 30 questions from the below catalogue or ones of your own design.

For the coordinator/team leader evaluation, the questions are included on the request form.

Previous question catalogues

Authority form

Authority must be obtained if questionnaires include people other than the person ordering the questionnaire or are to be distributed to people other than the person ordering the questionnaire, or the relevant dean/head of department. See the relevant question type webpage for more information. Below is a form that can be used to obtain this authority.

Otago Teaching Profile

The Otago Teaching Profile is an evidence-based account of your development as a teacher, your achievements, and your impact on student learning.

Peer review


To order a questionnaire:
Otago inFORM


Evaluation office
Tel 64 3 479 7581

The HEDC website has information on:

the Otago Teaching Profile
Peer review

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