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Order a questionnaire with Otago inFORM and read about how to administer a questionnaire.

Teachers charged with a coordinating role play a substantial part in the quality of teaching delivered at the University, however their contribution is often behind the scenes, and thus not amenable to evaluation by students. In such cases, members of the teaching team (e.g. tutors/demonstrators) are in the best position to give feedback on the performance of the coordinator who leads them. The primary purpose of this questionnaire is to help with teaching development, which in this case includes coordination activities.

The questionnaire consists of between five and ten questions chosen from a bank of 20 questions on various aspects of coordination. The results may be submitted as evidence of your teaching with the Otago Teaching Profile.

Confidentiality policy for coordinator/team leader evaluations

Each time a set of team coordinator questions are processed an annualised summary report is sent to the teacher named in the evaluation. A copy of this report is also sent to the relevant dean/head of department as per a policy change approved by the University's Senate on 30 March 2016. In rare exceptions of potential impropriety, we may seek advice that includes releasing results to the Director of QAU and relevant PVCs/DVCs. Feedback is also aggregated (e.g., at departmental and divisional levels) and shared with the wider university to identify and respond to common threads in opinions.

How you use the information resulting from the questionnaire is a matter for you to decide. But, if you are a candidate for promotion, confirmation or appraisal, you may be expected to submit the summary report of results with your application/ report. HEDC staff are available to assist you with the interpretation of your results or to design a plan for improvement.

To release a copy of your results to other specified staff, say so within your Otago inFORM request, email us directly, or submit a completed authority form which can be found here: Forms and resources.


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The HEDC website has information on:

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