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Unipol's social sport is your low cost alternative to traditional club sport! This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite sports without the hassle. Less time commitments, no coaches or training, and no games during the exam periods – we couldn't make it any easier to get sport in around your study. Head down to Unipol to sign your team up!

Summer social sport

Keep it going over the summer by entering in our four week competitions either side of the Christmas break.

Enter your team by following the link below

Semester social sport

Grab your mates and head on down for a social run around in a range of different sports.

All sports are intended for mixed gender teams. Check out each sports page for more information.

 Day(s)TimeMore information


Monday, Wednesday6pm-9:45pm
(45min games)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday6pm-9:45pm
(45min games)


Wednesday 6pm-9:45pm
(45min games)


Friday 6pm-9:45pm
(45min games)

The rules

  • Participation and fun are the aims of the game.
  • Scores are taken for the teams interests only.
  • The referees decision is final.
  • Physical and verbal abuse to the referee or other players is not tolerated - this may result in the player/team being removed from the competition.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on any ground or facility and intoxicated persons are prohibited from playing or spectating.
  • There will be no games over exam and holiday periods.


  • At least 24 hours' notice prior to game day is required.
  • By defaulting you are forfeiting the game you have already paid for.
  • Defaults made within 24 hours of the game are deemed a no show.

Additional information:

Want to referee? Apply today!

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