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The meaning of Inter-College

Whakawhānaukataka – A mana enhancing concept and value that enables students to create connections and a sense of belonging.

The Inter-College Competition | Tauwhāinga Kāreti is a world-leading sport, cultural and games programme run for first-year residential college students.

You won't find a university competition this big anywhere else in New Zealand. With 30 events spread across semesters 1 and 2, there is sure to be something for everyone.

If you love it so much you can't give it up at the end of your first year, we have plenty of opportunities available for alumni to stay involved.

The history of Inter-College

The Inter-College Programme was officially established in 2016. Before this the Universities Residential Colleges had organised many sporting competitions between themselves. In 2016 it was handed over to Unipol Recreation Services to regulate and run an official Sports Competition between all 17 Residential Colleges.

Initially the competition consisted of eight sports across the year including Basketball, Cricket, Futsal and Netball. The competition was developed further in 2017 to include three new sports: Rowing, Renegade Hockey, and Rugby 7's. In 2019, the programme branched into three separate competitions with the introduction of the Cultural and Games Competitions. This was a drastic change which saw the calendar increase from 12 sports events to 28 events overall.

The programme was impacted massively by COVID-19 in 2020 with the nationwide lockdown forcing the cancellation of most events in Semester One. In response to this, an alternative online version of the competition was offered to students including events such as online quizzes, photography competitions, Tik Tok challenges, FIFA tournaments and online board games. The additional competition was labelled 'Let's Stay Connected', with the overall winners awarded a banner at the 2020 Awards Dinner.

The programme has continued to develop and now consists of 30 events across the University Academic year. Additionally, a Positive Impact Points and Points Grabs Initiative have been included in recent years which encourages students to participate in community sports events as well as perform good deeds in the community.

More information on the current events offered can be found below.

Some of our highlight events

  • University Collegiate Sports Day
  • Rugby 7's Festival
  • Wild Card Series
  • Cultural Performance Evening
  • The Amazing Race
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Quiz Night
  • Inter-College Awards Dinner

Hayward students clapping

Homai te pakipaki (Give us a clap)

Pakipaki is what makes the Inter-College Competition special. This simple word encompasses the true meaning of the competition which is to applaud or clap. We see this word to mean more than just clapping, but to encourage and cheer on everyone.

You will see this value come to play in several different competitive and participation events, where students' encouragement of others truly defines the unique atmosphere of our events. This competition prides itself on its ability to help foster relationships and whānau through shared experiences, helping students create a first-year experience they will never forget.

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